Your Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solution

The exterminators at Shield Pest Defense in Missoula, MT use a unique, eco-friendly pest control method to rid your property of invading insects and rodents. Our Eco Pest Management System is extremely effective at creating a perimeter around your home, essentially creating a solid barrier and pest-free zone. In case the first pest control treatment doesn’t take, our warranty means we’ll come out and perform a second thorough treatment at no cost to you. Our eco-friendly system is effective for:

The team at Shield Pest Defense is dedicated to providing exceptional pest control, removal and extermination services to the Missoula, MT community, and we always strive to uphold our high standards of service and customer care. If your home is experiencing pest problems and you’re ready to kick the vermin to the curb, call our office and schedule your first appointment right away!