About Us

At Shield Pest Defense, we are dedicated to effectively eradicating pest infestations on any given property and this can encompass residential or commercial areas. Both are at risk for a multitude of unwanted invaders that we are well accustomed to. We are your reliable experts in dealing with these plagues that make life difficult and are committed to serving as a valued resource in the Missoula area. Our experts are trained in the application of sustainable and safe methods that will eliminate the presence of common pests like rodents, insects, as well as bees and wasps.

Our Story

When our company was forged, we set out to give unparalleled services to those who needed relief from local pests and rodents. Like any company, we started off with humble beginnings in deliberating the most effective and safe methods for addressing the many pests that plague people around the area. We have a great disdain for these invaders and sought to reduce their influence on the community at large. This was no easy task, but through determination and scientific application we were able to come up with the perfect alternative to modern poison methods. At Shield Pest Defense, we had the foresight to note the side effects of traditional applications and sought to change them for the benefit of all.

What Makes Us So Unique?

There are not many environmentally friendly pest control companies in existence, and we have a unique patented EcoSure approach that is specific to our approach that makes us truly special in the industry. We are proud of our research of natural oils that deter insects by working directly on their nervous systems and creates an effective shield around your home. A good way to look at it would be like having a moat around a castle so that invaders can’t reach the structure.

Our team creates a large perimeter around your home to ensure that the unwanted pests are deterred and stay far away. Let’s face it, pests are here to stay so that’s why we offer affordable options to reconstitute the perimeter over seasonal shifts.

Why Work With Us?

Our affordable pricing is a great reason to work with us to solve your pest problems, but we also take pride in giving you peace of mind regarding your overall health. You can rest easy knowing that we aren’t coating your property with poison that can have long-term consequences over the course of multiple applications.

Shield Pest Defense is also conscientious about the environments we serve and seek to ensure that the natural landscape is preserved without causing more problems. We believe that solving a problem isn’t really addressing it if it creates more to deal with. This sacrifice was simply unacceptable which is why we developed our supreme formula of pest control that doesn’t destroy your health or the earth.

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We are excited to serve you in your endeavors towards a pest-free future for years to come. Call us today to consult with our experts about the right method for each individual property and we will be deployed immediately to handle even the most aggressive pest infestation.

Shield Pest Defense has great empathy for your situation and we are acquainted with these situations through vast experience that will allow us to diagnose and treat any pest problem you might be facing. The moment you call us we will be quick to ask the right questions and get the bigger picture. Everything will be handled swiftly so that you can sleep peacefully at night without pest anxiety.

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