Frequently Asked Questions

Why Shield Pest Defense products are safe for your family and pets:

All substances used by Shield Pest Defense technicians are regulated and approved for use in day care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, kennels and stables. The greatest threat to both a person’s and an animal’s health is posed by hidden dangers like brown recluse spiders, black widows, ticks and fleas, bees and wasps. Scorpions, fire ants and rodents all pose considerable health threats as well. Shield Pest Defense solves the pest problem with a combination of tools. We offer environmentally-friendly, clinically-tested natural pest control substances that take advantage of an insect’s biology in a revolutionary way. Shield Pest Defense uses a variety of substances in appropriate applications. Anything within reach of family and pets is treated with Ecofriendly products, unless specifically requested by you. Outbuildings, fields and other off-site locations are better served with conventional pesticides.

“Environmentally-friendly” pest control? Aren’t all pesticides an ecological hazard?

Shield Pest Defense advances in chemical technologies that have made pesticides more environmentally friendly. Items such as pastes, baits, and traps have nearly eliminated the use of airborne pesticides indoors. The sprays, baits, wall dusts and granules utilized in the Shield Pest Defense arsenal are either 100% organic botanicals or synthetic pyrethroids — substances derived from naturally-based repellants, plant oils and terpenes with the durability and staying power of a synthetic. Pyrethroids have discrete amounts of active ingredients. Consumer-available pesticides, by contrast, have greater amounts of inert ingredients — whose lingering effects pose a greater risk to homeowners and the environment. The products in use by Shield Pest Defense professionals are actually safer by nature — and made even safer for family and pets by their proper application and precaution.

Is an annual service contract necessary? Why is more than one service required?

The pests you see are less than the tip of the iceberg. Any pest sighting is an indication of a greater, hidden pest population that has likely been nested and growing for some time. Even one cockroach or rodent in your home suggests a significant infestation. Pests appearing in and around your home represent a small percentage, compelled to forage for new food resources and nesting sites. If professional pest management isn’t performed on a regular basis, small populations grow unchecked until pests become more than a nuisance. They become an actual threat to both the structure of the home and the health and well-being of your family. For less than the cost of a newspaper a day, you can offer your family a premier level of protection.

Is there a standard rate for professional pest control services? Where does Shield Pest Defense fit in?

Shield Pest Defense fees vary company to company. The nationally advertised giants purchased their “top of mind” status with millions of dollars spent in advertising. These costs are passed on to their customers in the form of higher rates. Bigger isn’t always better and one size has never fit all. Shield Pest Defense is a local company with specific knowledge of area, pests and how best to control them. We’re a family-owned, small business by national standards, but professional, value-driven and efficient by any standard. Shield Pest Defense provides the right service at prices that offer you maximum value. You will find the quality of our service, our response time and our friendly attitude an unexpected bonus.