How Much Does Bugs Pest Control Cost? 

Whether you want to get rid of bugs in your home or business, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. In this article, you’ll learn about different types of pest control costs, including fumigation and chemical treatments. You’ll also discover how much do-it-yourself pest control methods will cost. If you’re interested in reducing your expenses, check out these do-it-yourself pest control options.


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Chemical pest control costs $100 to $500 

Chemical pest control services are a common option for homeowners in need of a quick, cost-effective solution to a pest problem. The technician will bring in poison to kill the pests and keep them away. These chemicals can be organic or non-organic and are available in spray and powder form. The prices for this service will depend on the size of the home, the type of pest infestation, and how many applications are required to get rid of the problem. 

The price of pest control services varies depending on the type of pest problem. Termites and bedbugs are the most expensive but not the most difficult to get rid of. Termites can also take a longer time to eliminate than other pests. Moreover, chemical pest control is often required in larger homes with multiple levels of infestation. Additionally, removing the nest of a particular pest can increase the cost of the service. 

Insect prevention costs $600 to $10,000 

The average cost of insect prevention measures varies from $25 to more than $10,000. Prevention measures usually include preventing infestations with proper hygiene and removing food sources. Pests will not venture into a home if food sources are scarce. A follow-up inspection can be necessary to make sure the infestation is under control. The cost for an inspection and subsequent follow-up visits depends on the extent of the infestation. Often, the initial inspection costs between $50 and $300. 

If you choose to hire a professional to remove pests, you can expect to pay between $135 and $200 for the service. The cost will depend on the type of pest, the size of the house, and the severity of the infestation. A single treatment can cost as much as $150, and most pests require two or three treatments before complete eradication. If you’re concerned about the infestation, you can consider using a monthly maintenance plan for as low as $80 per month. 

Fumigation costs $2,000 to $6,000 

If you’re concerned about a bug infestation, fumigation may be the solution. This procedure involves a thorough treatment of the affected area with chemicals to kill the bugs. The cost of fumigation varies widely based on the size of the home. Apartment managers will often take care of bug control for their residents. The most common types of pests are termites, carpenter ants, rodents, and wild animals. In addition to wood, they can bore through other household materials and leave behind extensive damage. 

Fumigation is more expensive than other forms of bug control. It costs about $4 per square foot, depending on the size of the home and the type of insects infesting it. Fumigation can cost up to $6,000 for full-house fumigation. Depending on the type of bugs, the chemicals used, and the regulations in your area, fumigation can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000. 

Do-it-yourself options 

While there are do-it-yourself pest control sprays available for bugs, they are not as effective as commercial products. Not only do these products cause the bugs to spread throughout the house, but they can also be harmful to your children and pets if they are accidentally consumed. Additionally, using full-coverage pesticides can also negatively impact the insect population outside of your home, including bees and earthworms that are beneficial to the ecosystem. Therefore, you should only consider hiring a professional to treat your home for bugs and avert a pest infestation from occurring again. 

DIY pest control options generally involve the use of inexpensive materials, such as insect spray and traps. You can also purchase natural pesticides. Natural pesticides use ingredients found in nature. Diatomaceous earth is a natural insecticide that works by damaging the insect’s exoskeleton. Diatomaceous earth is safe for humans, but you must use the product as directed or you could accidentally kill unintended targets.