All About the Cost of Pest Control Service

Whether you need annual visits or fumigation, you’ll want to understand how much pest control costs before you sign a contract. Whether your pest problem is mild or severe, annual inspections cost about $110 to $250, and fumigation costs about $2,000 to $6,000. You can also find out what you can expect to pay for the services listed below. You can also learn about the exclusions from free service schedules and inspections.

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In most instances, using professional extermination yields quicker and more effective results than using do-it-yourself techniques. By spotting pest issues early and getting rid of them quickly, they can also help you save money down the road by averting an expensive infestation and/or damage.

Annual Visit : $110 to $250

The fees for yearly visits to a pest control company can range from about $110 to $230, depending on the service you need and the frequency of visits. A general pest control plan from Terminix, for instance, starts at $95 per visit and includes quarterly checks for a low one-time fee. More intensive treatments, like fumigation, can cost up to $6,000 per visit, depending on the type of pest infestation.

Fumigation : $2,000 to $6,000

Fumigation is an effective method of pest control. However, it is expensive and may be an inconvenience for many people. If your home is suffering from a large infestation, you may want to consider other options. A free home inspection can help you determine whether or not fumigation is necessary and which alternative methods will be more effective. These alternatives range in price from $250 to more than $6,000.

Exclusions From Free Inspections

There are many things to look for when choosing a pest control company. The first step is to identify the problem areas of your property. These areas may include tree branches touching your home, trees on your property with thick branches, and mulch and pine needles surrounding your structure. There may be overly moist areas or blocked gutters that provide an easy entry point for pests. Make sure that the pest control company inspects these areas thoroughly so that they can provide the best treatment for your property.

Exclusions From Free Service Schedule

Exclusions from free service schedules for a pest control company’s services will be discussed and decided upon during the initial consultation, which will determine which treatments to schedule. For large facilities, determining an exclusion plan is a daunting task. An experienced commercial pest management company will provide professional advice and support for these plans. To get started on your exclusion plan, contact a commercial pest management company.

Cost of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

While do-it-yourself pest control is a cheaper alternative to professional pest control, it may still be more expensive in the long run. The cost of do-it-yourself pest control can increase if you have a larger infestation or are using environmentally-friendly products. You will also risk a full infestation and end up paying more in the long run. Listed below are some of the costs of DIY pest control.