For any questions, or to place an order, please call us at (406) 218-1782

  • Fits doors between 1 3/8″ – 2″ thick
  • Includes double clear flaps
  • Includes top loading security cover that coordinates with frame color
Note: If your door is a non-standard thickness, or you would like to include any other options, we can customize.

  • Standard size fits most walls between 2″ – 10″  thick
  • Includes double clear flaps
  • Includes top loading security cover that coordinates with frame color and a rain-cap

Note: If your wall is over 10″ thick or you would like to include any other options, you must customize.

  • Standard uncut pet door only fits screen doors and windows up to 1/2″ thick.  NOTE: Our new universal screen door fits most screen doors or windows over 1/2″ thick so please indicate whether your door is over or under 1/2″ thick.
  • We also have available special cut versions of our screen pet door available for situations such as screen porches or sidelights where neither the standard uncut or universal screen pet door would work.  For any special application, please call (406) 218-1782 for the custom pet door perfect for you.
  • Includes single clear flap
  • Any of our three (standard, universal, and cut) screen door models come with a matching screen stabilizer bar kit when ordering sizes Tall Large and above.  If you would like to order a screen stabilizer bar kit for your pet door sized Large or smaller, please call us at (406) 218-1782

Note: If your screen door is a over 1/2″ thick or you would like to include any other options, you must click customize.

We offer two styles of panel pet doors to fit most any sliding patio door for either permanent or temporary installations. Please choose a model below or see our “model comparison chart” to see which style is right for you.


Hale Pet Door™ has been making high quality pet door for over a quarter-century. We also offer complementary products to our pet doors, such as our attractive, sturdy ramps that can be used both indoors or outdoors. These are of the same exceptional quality our customers have come to expect from the Hale name and as with our pet door can be customized in many various ways to make the perfect fit for each situation. Our ramps can be added to the outside of your house to reach a pet door elevated in a wall, window, etc. Alternately, it can be added to any one of our security barriers to provide pet access in that situation as well. Designed to be safer than many makeshift or lower quality ramps, it stands up to the elements outside but is also attractive enough to use inside for access to a pet door, a couch, a bed, anything too high for your pet to reach without jumping.

The standard ramp comes with a three inch attachment area to secure the ramp end to the house or a barrier. The width of the ramp varies depending on the size of pet door installed. We offer five widths of ramps to complement all twelve sizes of our pet door as well as custom sizes. We also offer five standard heights or rises of ramps with custom sizes available upon request. The ramp length would vary with the rise requested. If desired we can add a “foot” to the end of the ramp that drops down perpendicular to the ground. This can be useful if you need to fit a ramp with a higher rise into a shorter area. Additionally, we offer an optional landing, railing, and the ability to attach the ramp parallel to the structure with supporting legs. All of our ramp models come carpeted with a nylon, mold and mildew resistant carpet in brown. As a supplementary feature, both our longer length and our larger size ramps come with reinforced sides for added strength and stability.

With a lengthened front leg to make the unit self standing, a ramp can be used for pet access to a couch or bed. You can also use this self standing model if you do not wish to permanently affix the ramp to the house wall or other surface for mounting.

For more details about each of these areas, please see below. For pricing for our standard options, please call us at (406) 218-1782.  For your convenience we have provided a downloadable information sheet.  Also please note for return purposes: ALL ramps are considered a custom product and are only eligible for a 50% credit if returned for any reason.

Standard Ramp Sizes
Pet Door Size Ramp Size Width
Small, Small Medium, Tall Small Medium Small Medium 11 1/2″
Medium, Tall Medium Medium 13 1/2″
Large, Tall Large,
Tall Large Plus, Extra Tall Large
Large 16″
Extra Large, Extra Large Plus Extra Large 19″
Giant Giant 20 1/2″
Standard Ramp Heights and Lengths (for all above sizes)
Height or Rise Length Along Ground Ramp Length
3″ 6″ 7″
6″ 12″ 14″
12″ 24″ 27″
18″ 36″ 40″
24″ 48″ 54″
Optional Landing Feature—Standard Landing Depth Away From House
Ramp Size Landing Depth
Small Medium 7″
Medium 9″
Large 12″
Extra Large 15″
Giant 17″