Spring starts off the year giving us warmer temperatures and begins the pest season. The winter pests are beginning to build their nests and begin their hunt for food. Shield Pest Defense EcoSURE technology uses a preventative treatment to prevent possible invaders throughout the spring including, but not limited to: ants, wasps, cockroaches, crickets, flies, beetles, ladybugs, spiders, and hornets.


Summer is the season where bugs are at their height of activity. As the spring barrier begins to wear off, you may notice various pests start to return to your property. Shield Pest Defense can reestablish that protection around your home to prevent those pesky summer pests from returning to and invading your home. Call Shield Pest Defense today to stop the bugs and rodents from getting in your home.


As summer cools off, insects seek warmer places. So during the fall season, you may see formations of insects on the warmer sides of your home searching for a more permanent home from the chilling temperature. Box elder bugs, Asian multicolored lady beetles and brown marmorated stink bugs are well known for this warmth-seeking behavior. Some insects use aggregation pheromones to spread the word about a preferred warm place for the winter. When the insects find this shelter, they give off the chemical signal inviting others to join them.


The winter is definitely one of the most important times to prevent pests from invading your home. Flies, fleas and spiders become very active during this season as they prepare for spring. Call Shield Pest Defense for a home inspection to identify any potential issues with pests that may occur soon. Shield Pest Defense’s EcoSURE prevention technology will prevent those invaders from hiding inside your home.