After Pest Control, How Do You Clean the Kitchen? 

After the pest control, the kitchen usually needs some extra cleaning. A few things you should keep in mind while cleaning include using new shelf paper or drawer liners, and removing all items from cabinets and shelves. If you don’t want to wash everything, remove it all or double-bag it. If you are not able to do this, you can always take it to a neighbor’s house. 

Image of Termites

Cleaning up spilled food 

After a pest control company uses chemicals to kill insects, it is essential to clean up spilled food as soon as possible. If you do not have time to clean up spilled food immediately, you could attract unwanted visitors to your home. If you have a busy schedule, it may be tempting to put off cleaning up the mess, but the fact is that pests are like leftover food. 

Cleaning up roaches 

One of the worst things a homeowner can face is a roach infestation. These filthy creatures will find any source of food and can cause a multitude of health problems. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from coming back. 

Cleaning up fumigation 

After the pest control, cleaning up can be a stressful task. It is crucial to do so in small steps and not rush the process. This way, you can avoid making a mess in the home or making the pests return. 

Cleaning up orange oil 

Orange oil is an excellent natural pesticide. Its powerful antimicrobial compounds (terpenes) inhibit the spread of harmful bacteria, such as salmonella. These bacteria can cause gastrointestinal problems, fever, and other symptoms if unknowingly contaminated. Orange oil also smells fresh and pleasant, which makes it a good choice for cleaning countertops, cutting boards, and appliances. 

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets 

If you have recently used a pest control service, you may want to clean your kitchen cabinets to remove any leftover residue. Depending on the type of wood cabinet, you can use a vinegar/warm water mixture to clean the inside of the cabinets. If you have metal hardware, you can use a 50/50 vinegar/warm water solution. You can also use a cleaning cloth to wipe off the dirt. Make sure to dry the cabinet doors after cleaning. 

Cleaning your walls 

When pest control professionals treat your home with pesticides, it is important to clean all surfaces thoroughly. This includes the walls, floor, and windows. You should start by removing any debris from these areas with a cloth soaked in a solution of soap and water. You should also place a clean cloth underneath the walls to catch drips. This will prevent chemicals from seeping into the floor and leaving residue. 

Cleaning your garbage bin 

Using a pressure washer or hose to rinse the bin thoroughly is recommended to prevent the buildup of lingering smells. To clean a garbage bin thoroughly, you can also use dishwashing soap or a heavy-duty cleaning agent. It is also recommended to leave the lid open to allow the bin to air dry. If lingering smells still persist, you can use baking soda or dryer sheets. Finally, you can use cotton balls that contain essential oils to absorb the smell.