Pest And Rodent Coverage

At Shield Pest Defense we offer you coverage against a multitude of pests that might otherwise invade your home and cause stress and anxiety beyond belief. Other companies often spray your property with poison that can do harm to you and the environment. We operate with a higher standard of integrity by offering you eco-friendly alternatives through our patented natural oil-based process, affecting pests’ nervous systems by the laws of mother nature. This keeps them far away from your home by building an effective 3-foot perimeter that deters them from entry!


These are the classic example of unwanted pests and are often found in residential areas. They tend to live in the sewers or basement areas and have a reputation as one of the most resilient insects on the planet, which is why they are so hard to get rid of. We will ensure they are deterred from your home indefinitely so you can rely on us to implement our effective repellent techniques!

Cockroach Exterminator


Many people have a phobia of spiders and for good reason. Not only are they an eyesore that can make your hair stand on end, but they can also be incredibly dangerous in some areas. You could get bitten in your bed at night and if it’s a poisonous species it could result in a hospital visit. This is the last thing we want for you which is why our natural non-toxic formula also targets these unwanted guests who have no business in your personal space.

Spider Exterminator

Bees, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, And Hornets

We address the pests that fly as well because the perimeter we establish will also affect them. There are also dangers associated with these flying insects because some people are deathly allergic to them. They are also very aggressive and can end up taking over your property. You work hard to enjoy your backyard, but species of bees can make you want to stay indoors. At Shield Pest Defense we will get rid of them for you without introducing toxic substances to your outdoor area. You will notice the differences once we execute our effective technology to deter them!

Bee Removal

Mice, Rats, And Other Rodents

There’s no pest that will make you jump on the table faster than a mouse or rat. These pests can cause structural damage to your home and be a costly plague to deal with. They also pose a threat to your health because they leave feces around the house and breathing in the dust surrounding it can cause complications. Our EcoDefense repellent will keep them at bay so you can feel safe and secure for the long term. They need to be addressed immediately to give you a sense of peace and safety for the betterment of your entire home!

Rodent Control


These are among the more common types of pests that can easily infiltrate your home through the tiniest crevasses. They are especially present when you have anthills established near your home because they can sense the food present from a mile away and seek to bring it back to their nest. Our repellent addresses these little buggers with swift finality and puts an end to their excursion into your home. Even if one or two ants get in, they will relay to other ants that there is food in a particular location and the problem will continue to grow.

Ant Exterminator

Bed Bugs

These little vampires are especially irritating because they wait around until you’re asleep to come out for a meal and then hide again in your bed until the next night. The worst part is you can’t even feel them while they’re feeding because they apply a natural pain killer so they can feed undisturbed. The problem is simply unacceptable and it can grow as they breed and multiply. Our EcoSure deterrent ensures that they don’t get in your house in the first place and keeps them at a distance when they recognize there’s something wrong as they approach your home and think twice.

Bed Bug Exterminator


These nasty little creatures can cause some major structural damage to your home that can result in costly repairs. They are also disgusting insects that need to be dealt with immediately. Our repellent techniques will keep them from infiltrating your home with ease of use and no toxic chemicals to contend with. They will be limited by the perimeter and won’t even think about coming near your house to wreak havoc on its structural integrity. They are a threat to the foundation of any home including any furniture and items you’ve acquired so let us deal with them today!

Termite Treatment

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If you are dealing with one or multiple of the pests mentioned above then it’s time to call us to take swift action against them. We have great empathy for your situation and are offering an effective alternative to a toxic application. Our process ensures that you won’t have to deal with any of these pests with one simplistic targeted approach that deals with them all at once. We keep your home safe from the potential damage that can ensue and are proud to alleviate any pest problem for an affordable price that can’t be beaten on the current market!

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