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At Shield Pest Defense, we understand the value of your home and the hard work it took to make it a reality. There are common pest issues that plague homes around Missoula, MT and perhaps the most prevalent is an ant infestation. We are an eco-friendly ant exterminator that is in the business of eradicating pesky ants who can easily gain access to your home through the smallest cracks. It’s very hard to ant proof a home entirely, but they can be warded off due to their incredible sensors which are designed to find food. The kitchen is often a hot spot for ants because they are drawn to the smell of meals, garbage, and especially food that is out in the open. This is especially difficult if you have an anthill near your house which is very common. We are able to execute a targeted approach to prevent ants from entering for a long time.

Eco-Friendly Ant Control

Our experts offer you a special version of Missoula pest control that is eco-friendly and more viable than traditional toxic methods that can pose a threat to you or pets in the area. We take pride in our patented natural formula that is 100% sourced from nature and utilizes scientific application to affect the nervous systems of ants in conjunction with their behavioral patterns. They will sense the unfavorable natural oils and be warded off from your home entirely.

We are an ant exterminator that stands out in Missoula, MT because of our application of these advanced methods that can’t be found anywhere else. Our team is trustworthy in applying it around your entire house and it will serve as the Fort Knox against unwanted pests in general. Ants are more manageable and it will likely need only one application for a while, but if you still see them around after we’ve sprayed then our warranty will cover you as we return to apply a second treatment that sends a stronger message and will knock them dead.

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Our services are all-encompassing and can take care of many other types of pests besides ants, but if you have a particularly aggressive ant infestation then it will definitely do the job. We operate with integrity to ensure your health is preserved in the process. With traditional exterminators, you add another element of danger to your property with harmful toxins that can lead to other health complications.

We are dedicated to sustainable safe practices that don’t put you at risk. Our formula has been tested with great success in the field and we are confident it will work for your ant infestation today! Now that you’re aware of the supreme benefits of hiring our company, contact us right now to receive a higher quality standard that transcends other methods. We are dedicated to making sure your ant problem is dealt with accordingly and won’t stop until you’re satisfied with the results!

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