Are pest control services effective in getting rid of bed bugs?

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs With Bed Bug Treatments: 

Bed bugs are back in the news and have enjoyed a recent resurgence in infestations. Bed bug behavior coupled with the insecticide resistance they have developed over the years makes them an especially hard pest to eliminate. Sadly, the bed bug sprays and insecticides you keep under your sink don’t have much impact on this persistent pest. Getting rid of bed bugs requires patience and work with a licensed pest control company that specializes in bed bug treatments. 

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Traditional Insecticide Treatment:

The initial bed bug treatment for an infestation involves vacuuming and cleaning the infested area. Vacuuming cracks and crevices is an important part of the process and should be done several times. In addition, the tufts and seams of mattresses, box springs, headboards, beds, and upholstered furniture should be thoroughly vacuumed as well as the legs and frames and any casters or wheels on the furniture. Inspect the upholstered pieces for skins from molting nymphs and blackish fecal spots. Also, the furniture should be disassembled to allow for thorough cleaning and inspection. In the case of a severe infestation, this may include removing the mattress and box spring from the frame. 

While traditional insecticides still have their place in some cases, we generally recommend a temperature based treatment like heat or Cryonite for most severe infestations. This type of treatment uses no chemicals, and it offers a better chance of eliminating the infestation and keeping it from returning. 

For many people, this method is also more environmentally friendly compared to chemical treatment options. This approach also tends to take less time than a traditional insecticide treatment. 

Once the initial treatment is completed, diligent monitoring and retreatment are needed to ensure that the problem is eliminated completely. In some cases, this will mean re-treating the infested area every 7-10 days until no more signs of bed bugs are seen.