Can a pest control company assist with removing wildlife from my property?

If you have a problem with wild animals such as squirrels, skunks, raccoons, groundhogs, bats, birds or even snakes, your pest control company may be able to assist. Many companies specialize in wildlife removal and have trained and licensed animal control specialists on staff. Some are available to do inspections of your property and provide a quote and report with a treatment plan. Others offer annual maintenance programs to help keep recurrences of nuisance wildlife at bay. 

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Before selecting a company, you should find out whether they are licensed and insured. In addition, make sure that their technicians are state-certified applicators in pesticide application. Then, ask for a list of customers and contact numbers for verification purposes. This will provide you with a good indication of the level of customer satisfaction. Also, check with your local and state pesticide regulatory agencies to see if there are any complaints or unresolved issues against the company. 

Pest control companies that specialize in wildlife removal should be able to provide you with an initial inspection and a detailed report of their findings. This will include a description of the species and where they are nesting or feeding on your property, a detailed assessment of your home’s exterior, as well as a recommended course of action to treat the infestation. 

In some cases, wildlife control companies will also offer repair services to the damage caused by the unwanted critters. These repairs can include insulation replacement, electrical wiring repair, drywall repair, crawlspace cleaning and sealing, attic vent and chimney cap installation, and sanitation and disinfection of attics, garages and other areas. 

A good wildlife removal company should be able to provide you with a written guarantee that it will remove the pests and not return. Some companies will guarantee their work for up to a year, while others will give you a lifetime warranty. Regardless of the length of the warranty, you should expect the company to communicate with you throughout the process to discuss your concerns and answer any questions that you might have. 

While many people believe that they can handle the problem of unwanted wildlife by simply poisoning them, this is not always effective. Dead animals can leave foul odors and even introduce harmful bacteria into the environment. In addition, they can cause additional damage to the structure of your home or business, and they can contaminate food, water, and air supplies. 

Depending on the extent of the wildlife infestation, it may take some time to get rid of the pests and prevent them from returning. For this reason, it’s important to hire a company that provides ongoing service. Some pest control companies will send a technician out monthly or quarterly to apply a liquid barrier around the outside of your home. This will help to prevent the entry of squirrels, ants, termites, or any other pests into your home or garden.