Can a pest control company handle outdoor pest problems?

How to Find a Local Company That Specializes in Outdoor Pest Control? 

If you have a pest problem that is primarily outside, such as a termite infestation, you may not need immediate indoor treatment. Often, a local company that specializes in outdoor pest control can effectively treat the pest and prevent it from returning. 

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Find a reputable pest control service by evaluating its website, reading online reviews, and checking its licensing status. You can also contact organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or state departments of agriculture to see if any complaints have been filed against a company or its applicators. 

Ask for a quote and written inspection of your property from the company you are considering. This should include an identification of the pest, a description of the course of action to be taken, the frequency of the treatments, and a cost estimate. 

Make sure the company you hire has a licensed applicator for all chemicals used on your property. The applicator should be able to provide you with copies of the pesticide label that clearly indicates how the product should be applied and its proper usage rates. In addition, a reputable company should have commercial general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance in case of any accidents that could occur while performing work on customers’ properties. 

Research pests in your area and determine the types of treatment that are most effective. Identifying the specific pests that are a problem in your region can help you target your advertising, and choose the right kind of products or services to offer.  

Find out how the company you’re considering treats each type of pest. For example, some companies prefer to use baits instead of spraying chemicals. Ask the company to explain their methods and whether they consider removing food sources and water sources to be part of the treatment plan. 

Ask the pest control company to pay special attention to any breaches in the home’s exterior cladding, such as vents that should be open to allow air to circulate, and gaps where moisture can enter a house. Also, ask the company if they have any suggestions for how you can supplement their work by making your property less welcoming to pests, such as storing food in sealed containers and removing garbage regularly. 

Before hiring a pest control company, write down their name and EPA registration number, or ask for the information if they cannot give it to you immediately. This will let you research the chemical later if you need to.