Can a pest exterminator help prevent pest infestations? 

Generally, when people call pest exterminators it’s because they have an existing pest infestation that they need help eliminating. In many cases, this involves spraying pesticides in and around the home or business to kill off the unwanted organisms. However, an experienced pest control professional can also offer preventative services that will keep unwanted pests at bay long-term. 

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For example, an insect or rodent exterminator can provide recommendations on sanitation and structural repairs that can reduce the risk of pests entering a building or residence in the first place. They can also instruct property owners on how to keep food and water in sealed containers, and how to clean and vacuum often to remove crumbs and other food sources that attract pests. 

An exterminator is skilled at identifying the specific types of insects or rodents that are infesting a property and determining the best ways to eradicate them. They have access to special equipment and chemicals that aren’t available to the general public, and they know how to use these tools properly. They understand the risks associated with various pesticides and will only apply a small amount of chemical to the affected areas, minimizing their exposure and that of any family members or pets. 

A good exterminator will be punctual for appointments and if there is a problem, they will inform the client immediately and reschedule a time to suit everyone. The technician should have a friendly demeanor and be well dressed and wearing appropriate safety equipment at all times. They should explain the treatment and how it works before starting the work, so there are no surprises later. They should also clearly explain what they need from the homeowner for successful results and discuss any issues or concerns that may arise during the course of the work. 

When people hire a pest control company to eliminate an infestation, it is usually because the problem has become severe and unmanageable. However, if pests are not dealt with at the source, they will only return and cause further damage. In fact, the pests could even spread to other homes or businesses. That’s why it is important for those who own a home or business to regularly consult with a licensed pest exterminator and take preventive measures. 

The most effective way to deter pests is to deny them the food, water and shelter they need. That means keeping a tidy house, storing food in containers with tight lids, removing rubbish frequently and fixing leaky pipes. It also means closing off entry points into a house. Cracks in walls, ripped screens and open windows all allow pests to enter and make themselves at home. Finally, an untidy yard provides hiding places for pests to breed and thrive, so it’s important to regularly clear away weeds, overgrown grass and dead leaves that might attract rodents or insects. By taking these steps, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of unwanted pests invading a property and damaging it.