Can a residential pest control service eliminate bees and wasps? 

As summer approaches, bees, wasps and hornets are a common nuisance that homeowners encounter. Their stinging abilities can make them a dangerous threat to anyone or anything that comes close to their nests and colonies. This includes your pets and children, as wasps are known to aggressively defend their homes and territories. Often, this aggression can lead to multiple stings, which may result in serious allergic reactions if you are highly sensitive. Fortunately, you can prevent these stinging insects from becoming a problem by hiring pest control services to remove their nests and eradicate their colonies. 

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An experienced residential pest control service will first inspect your property to determine the location and number of wasp nests. They will also identify the type of wasp to help them develop a treatment plan. Once the type of wasp is identified, a pest control technician will use an aerosol or dust insecticide to eliminate the entire nest. They will also treat the surrounding area with residual liquid insecticide to discourage future wasp infestations. If the wasps are nesting in a void area, a pest control technician will apply a foam or powder insecticide that will seal the entry point and prevent the wasps from reoccupying the space. 

Bees, hornets and wasps are more likely to attack humans than other animals because they can sting several times. This can cause painful, and in some cases, life threatening allergic reactions. Typically, these stinging insects will only attack if their nest is threatened or when they believe that they are in danger of being attacked by their enemies. This is why it’s so important to call a pest control professional at the first sign of a wasp or bee nest. 

The most common stinging insects found in Long Island include paper wasps, yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets and honey bees. These pests are attracted to sweet foods and can sting repeatedly if they feel their home or territory is under attack. As the summer season approaches, these pests become a significant nuisance around homes and businesses as they build large colonies. They are commonly seen around playground equipment, barbecues and the eaves of homes. 

A residential pest control service will provide wasp and bee removal and nest elimination services to protect people and pets from these stinging insects. They will use protective suits and long ladders to reach the eaves, chimney, roof, attic and other areas where these pests can be found. They will also treat the perimeter of a home to stop them from entering through pathways and other potential entrance points. Pest control services will also offer seasonal mosquito treatments to eliminate these blood sucking pests which can carry dangerous diseases. In addition to offering pest removal, these professionals can offer a variety of other services to keep your property healthy and free of harmful organisms like fungus, weeds and rodents. For more information on pest control services, contact a local provider today. Compare their custom prices, guaranteed plans and treatment options to find the best option for your property.