Can a residential pest control service eliminate rodents?  

Rodents like to gnaw holes into walls and wires. The damage they cause can eat through the structure of a building and expose your home to mold, water leaks and structural problems. They also can bring germs into your home that can lead to disease and put family members at risk of illness. 

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Getting rid of rodents is difficult. If you have a serious problem, you might consider calling a professional pest control service to help. You can find a number of companies online and on the telephone. It’s important to compare pricing and plan options before you decide on a pest control company. 

A pest control expert can identify and close entry points into your home, such as gaps around vents, drains, utility lines and areas where piping enters your house from the outside. They can use caulking to seal these openings. They will inspect your home, identifying rodent entry points and areas of high activity. They will provide recommendations to stop rodents from entering the house and then apply traps, bait and fumigation where necessary. 

If you’re dealing with a large infestation, a pest control technician might recommend fumigation to kill rats and mice in the walls and attic of your home. This method uses gasses such as phosphine, magnesium phosphide and formaldehyde to poison the rodents. It’s dangerous to humans and other living things, so you can’t be in the house while it’s fumigated. 

You can reduce your chances of a rodent infestation by keeping your yard and kitchen clean and by regularly cleaning garbage and storing food in sealed containers. It’s also a good idea to trim and mow your lawn often to discourage rodents from seeking shelter in your garden or grass. 

Rats and mice can squeeze through very small cracks and crevices to get inside your house. Check regularly for signs of a rat or mouse problem, such as droppings along baseboards and other surfaces, bite marks in food containers and open pantry items and grease marks on kitchen cabinets. Listen for squeaking and rustling at night, as these animals are active during this time. 

You can deprive pests of their food, shelter and access to your home by reporting maintenance issues to your landlord or property manager, if you rent your residence. If you’re a homeowner, you can report these conditions to the city or county and request that they be fixed in a timely manner.