Caras Park is a beautiful location that serves as an excellent spot for public and private gatherings. The pavilion is the spot you’ll want to look into here because it can easily accommodate up to 150 people. You will gain access to a natural park environment where you can thrive and enjoy a good time with any given theme.

For the past 12 years, Caras Park has been the central hub for over 1000 special events where the time was enhanced by the gorgeous scenery. Every year this park attracts many people to enjoy it and benefit from the many exhilarating events that will keep you entertained and satiated with an outdoor experience.

You will feel much more in tune with nature when you visit Caras Park in Missoula, MT. As you might imagine, it takes money to sustain such a large and exuberant spot. Thankfully, there was a park fund endowment established to help. If you schedule a virtual tour of the property then you will understand why it needs to be preserved for future generations! You have the ability to host casual or serious events like weddings for excellent versatility!

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