Do I need to remove my belongings or furniture before pest control treatments? 

Whether it is a spider web or an infestation of insects or rodents, pest control helps you get rid of the problem. But the treatment process itself can be quite overwhelming as you need to move all the furniture and belongings to a safe place. You also need to clean all the walls and windows in your home. But is it really necessary to remove all the things from your house before pest control? This article gives a brief answer to this question. 

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Do you need to remove your belongings or furniture before pest control treatment?

In most cases, you do not need to remove your belongings or furniture before the pest control treatment. Most advanced pest-control measures (like the Green Shield Certified approach that Smithereen Pest Management Services uses) involve establishing an invisible perimeter that pests cannot breach. Moreover, these treatments do not need to reach inside your walls or any other places where the pests live. 

However, it is always advisable to prepare your house for the treatment and make sure that all areas are accessible. This will help the treatment in treating all corners of your house. In addition, it will ensure that your belongings and furniture are not sprayed unnecessarily. For this, you can take the following steps: 

Store Your Belongings:

You should pack away all your belongings such as clothes, kids toys, makeup for jeweller, toiletries etc before the pest control treatment. These should be packed in plastic bags so that they do not come into contact with any chemicals during the spraying. In the kitchen, it is also good to clear your countertops and store all utensils and cookware. This is because kitchen cabinets are commonly sprayed as they attract maximum pests. 

It is also advisable to clean your drawers and cupboards as pests can hide in these places and escape detection. Moreover, you should wipe all your cupboards and drawers with a cloth. You should also remove all your papers including magazines, newspapers and books because they may contain cellulose which is a food source for pests such as termites. 

Lastly, it is good to move large appliances such as refrigerators and stoves to a safe place before the pest-control treatment. This will not only deprive the pests of their food but will also give your pest protection expert a wide-berth when they inspect these areas for signs of infestation. You can also move large pieces of furniture such as couches, bookcases and beds that are flush with the walls to a safer area. This is not absolutely necessary but it will give your pest protection professional a wide berth when they are working in the room. In addition, if you have pets or children at home, it is best to keep them out of the room for safety reasons. You should also keep them away from the open windows and doors of your house to prevent them from escaping during the pest-control treatment.