How can a pest control company help with cockroach infestations?

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests infesting homes and apartments, especially those with poor sanitation. Their bodies and droppings can contaminate food and kitchen utensils, and their stench is repulsive. In addition, cockroaches are known to carry a wide variety of dangerous germs that can cause disease in humans and animals. 

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Hiring a reputable pest control company is the best way to eliminate these insects. A good exterminator will provide an estimate, a written diagnosis and a detailed plan of action to treat the infestation. They will also tell you about precautions to take and when the home can be reoccupied after treatment. 

A thorough inspection will include a look at the kitchen, which is often the most infested area of a home, along with the bathrooms and basements. In the kitchen, an exterminator will check cabinets, under stoves and behind refrigerators. They will remove the microwave to examine the inside of the oven and may move appliances like the dishwasher away from the wall to inspect their backs. They will also check behind the sinks and drains, and, if you have Oriental cockroaches, they may ask that you install drain covers. 

The exterminator will then look at storage areas and bedrooms, checking behind furniture and in the attic and crawl spaces if necessary. They should make note of any repairs that need to be done, such as major leaks or cracks in the walls. They will look for signs of cockroaches, including droppings (which can resemble coffee grounds or pepper), egg casings and molted roach skins. 

Sanitation is a crucial part of an exterminator’s job, and he or she will usually give you a list of tasks to do before they come. This may include sanitizing counter tops, sweeping floors and emptying garbage cans regularly. It will also include cleaning up food scraps and putting away dirty dishes as soon as you finish eating. 

After the sanitization has been completed, the exterminator will prepare and spray a solution in areas where cockroaches have been seen. This will be followed by a wait period to allow the chemicals to do their work without harming people or pets. 

A high-quality pest control company will be open about their methods and fees, and they won’t bundle cockroach removal into a larger home improvement package. They will also avoid making claims about the effectiveness of their treatments or claiming they have a “secret” pesticide formula. In addition, a quality exterminator will have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage, which protects you as the customer in the event that something goes wrong during the course of treatment. They will also tell you when the house can be reoccupied and what chemicals were used so that you can be aware of any risks for children or pets.