How Can a Pest Control Company Help With Spider Control? 

Spiders are often considered pests because they can cause some damage to property, such as gnawing wood, and they can bite people, causing painful swelling and other health issues. Some species of spiders also carry diseases and are a danger to human health. Although most spiders do not bite, the bite of a brown recluse or black widow can be fatal to some individuals, especially those with weakened immune systems and children. For this reason, it is important to know how to keep these crawling arachnids out of your home, and how to spot them so you can call in a professional when necessary. 

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How can a pest control company help with spider control?

Several services that are included in many pest control plans can be effective at eliminating and preventing spider infestations. A preventive treatment, for instance, can include a spray around the perimeter of the home to stop spiders from entering, along with a targeted spray in crevices and corners of rooms where they tend to be found. In addition, a pest control technician can use an aerosol with a crack and crevice tip to target hard-to-reach areas where spiders are commonly found. 

Another way that a pest control company can help with spider infestations is by targeting the populations of other insects that are attracting them. In order for spiders to survive, they must have a constant supply of prey to eat, and this means that reducing the population of other insects can help keep them away from your home. A pest control technician can spray a repellent that is specially formulated to target bugs that spiders find desirable, including mosquitoes, flies, hornets, and other insects that many people dislike. 

Other methods that can be used by a pest control company to prevent spiders from invading homes include using good cleanliness practices to keep them at bay, and sealing up any gaps or cracks where they might enter. This includes caulking any cracks in the foundation, and maintaining tight seals on doors and windows. It is also important to keep yard debris, woodpiles, and other clutter away from the foundation of the house. Spiders prefer cool and damp environments, so keeping these areas free of moisture will deter them from coming into the house. 

While it is impossible to have zero spiders in the house or on the property, many professional pest control companies will offer quarterly and annual maintenance plans that can help keep these creatures at bay. These services can include regular inspections and targeted treatments that can reduce the number of spiders in or around your home, and will also keep them from entering through other entry points such as holes or cracks in the foundation. In addition, pest control technicians can use insect monitors to help identify potential problem areas in and around the structure of your home. These can be placed in basements, corners of rooms, beneath porch eaves, and other places where spiders are most likely to be found.