How do I choose the right eco-friendly pest removal service for my needs? 

We all know how important it is to eat organic foods, use natural cleaning products and drive eco-friendly cars, but how often do we think about the pest control methods we employ at our homes? If you are worried about your family’s exposure to harsh chemicals, consider working with a green pest removal company that uses environmentally friendly methods. These techniques are more effective than traditional methods and do not have a toxic effect on children, pets and other residents of your home or business. 

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When looking for an eco-friendly pest control service, it is a good idea to find one that is certified by the National Pest Management Association as a Green Pro. This designation ensures that the company complies with the environmental and safety standards set by the NPMA. 

Another consideration is whether the pest control company is family owned and operated. It is generally believed that locally owned companies provide better service and more customized pest management tactics than large franchises. Look for this information on the company’s website in the “about” section or contact the pest control company directly to learn more. 

A green pest control service will also provide preventative services that help keep pests away from your home. This may include applying sealants to cracks, crevices and other entry points around your house and providing regular inspections for termites. These measures are important in keeping your family safe, but they are also an important step in preventing costly repairs down the road that could be caused by pests. 

Many of the pests that cause damage to your home are attracted to food, water and other things in and around your property. A green pest control service will help you understand how to reduce these attraction sites so that you can minimize the need for harsh chemical treatments in the future. 

Traditional pest control methods can cause a lot of damage to the environment, including air pollution, soil contamination and run-off that can pollute local bodies of water. These caustic chemicals can also damage grass, bushes and other plants that surround your home, which can require a great deal of time and money to repair. Green pest control methods use less toxic, more targeted treatments that are safe for the entire environment. 

Occasionally, there may be a pest problem that is so severe that it requires the use of a harsher chemical. If this is necessary, the pest control company should make sure to inform you of this and obtain your permission before using the product. The technician should also discuss prevention options with you that will limit the need for chemical treatment in the future, such as ensuring that food waste is not left out or that leaky pipes are repaired promptly. These simple steps will significantly reduce the chance of a pest infestation and prevent you from having to use more intensive chemical treatments in the future. This is known as integrated pest management.