How do I choose the right pest control company?

Choose Shield Pest Defense: 

Choose Shield Pest Defense uses advanced Integrated Pest Management practices, focusing on prevention and non-chemical strategies first, with pesticides only as needed. Our in-wall termite barrier treatment, the Termidor system and our Sentricon system of bait stations proactively prevent pests from entering your home while protecting you, your family, and your pets. 

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Green Shield Certified:

Our service programs have undergone a thorough review to ensure that they follow the Green Shield’s standards for effective pest control with a reduced pesticide footprint. Our Green Shield Certified programs include: Home Shield Plus, Home Shield Complete and the Sentricon System with Always Active. All provide excellent pest control results and follow best practices in a responsible, sustainable way. Contact us today to find out which plan is right for you! 

In addition, Choose Shield Pest Defense is proud to be Green Shield Certified, which means our service programs adhere to the highest standards of effective pest control while minimizing the use of pesticides. Our Green Shield Certified programs, such as Home Shield Plus, Home Shield Complete, and the Sentricon System with Always Active, offer exceptional pest control results while promoting responsible and sustainable practices. We understand the importance of protecting not only your home but also the environment. Contact us today to learn more about our environmentally-friendly options and find the plan that best suits your needs. Trust Choose Shield Pest Defense for effective and eco-conscious pest control solutions.