How Do I Know If Termite Treatment Was Effective? 

If you have been experiencing dampness in your home, you may have a termite infestation. While you might think that it is just the weather, the truth is that termites are a pest that loves moisture. They can cause serious damage to your house. It’s important to identify the problem early so that you can get it fixed. A professional can help you figure out if your problem is termites, and recommend a plan of action to treat it. 

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There are a number of signs that you can watch out for. One of the first things you should look for is hollow wood. Termites will eat through the inside of your wooden surfaces, causing them to crack and deteriorate. Knocking on a piece of wood will reveal if it is hollow. You may also notice that it is warped. This indicates that the wood is weakened, which can create problems with your doors and windows. 

Another sign of termite activity is frass. Frass is the insects’ droppings, which look like dark powder. When you find this, you need to contact an exterminator. Unlike liquid termiticides, fumigation is the best way to kill termites. However, it is often necessary to treat more than one spot. 

Mud tubes are another major indication of termite activity. Termites create these tunnels beneath your floor to allow them to travel. They can be found along your baseboards and in other areas of your home. Although they are not visible, you can often inspect them with a screwdriver or other tool. 

Another good way to determine if you have a termite infestation is to watch for signs of flying ants. Unlike many other pests, they have two pairs of wings. These are larger than the wings of other ants. The flying termites will leave the colony once they find a mate. Swarms usually appear in the spring and fall. Their wings are often discarded when they land. 

Another sign of termite activity in your home is stains on your drywall. Typically, these stains are caused by termites ingesting the wood, which turns the material into energy. In addition to the stains, mud can also be seen on your walls. 

You may also want to examine your basement flooring. Termites are able to enter your home through a leaky attic. Dampness in the basement can attract them, so you should check it regularly. 

Getting a termite inspection is the best way to know if you have a termite problem. Professionals can identify the species and pinpoint hiding spots in your home. Also, they can discuss a plan of attack to eliminate the issue. 

Having a professional check your home for termites is the best way to ensure you’ll have a smooth, successful termite control process. Some companies offer free consultations and warranties to protect your investment. 

Choosing a pest control company is a decision that you should make carefully. Choose a company that offers a free inspection, a guarantee on the effectiveness of their treatment, and a warranty for re-treatment if the infestation recurs. Avoid companies that pressure you to sign a contract or those that sell door-to-door.