How Do I Need to Move Furniture For Pest Control?

do i need to move furniture for pest control

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the pest control professionals have free access to the areas that are infested. That means removing any large furniture from the walls. While this is not necessary, it can be helpful, especially if the infestation is larger. Also, it is best to move large pieces of furniture away from walls, preferably three to four feet. Then, you can prepare the areas for the pest control expert to inspect.

You should take all bedding, curtains, and other items out of the room. Store them inside the cabinets to prevent any possible pest infestation. You should also cover the furniture with plastic wrap or bubble wrap to prevent chemicals from absorbing the chemicals. If you have young children, you should move them to another room or a relative’s home, like exposure to chemicals can be irritating to their noses. In general, you should empty the trash can as well.

You should be home to receive pest control treatments. Your first visit may take a bit longer than subsequent visits, so make sure you’re available for a few hours after your pest control technician arrives. It may be better to vacuum the area ahead of time to remove cobwebs and debris that may hinder the effectiveness of the treatment. In addition, vacuuming the area before the technician arrives will help the pest control treatment penetrate the home better.

You should remove any objects that may impede access to the areas that are being treated. While the pest control experts will use chemicals that are safe for your pets, they can still affect them. In this case, you should secure guard dogs for protection. The exterminator may also need to access certain areas of the floor or walls. Be sure to plad so that your furniture is out of the way. If possible, you should also prepare your home for pest control treatment before hiring pest experts.

You should remove all small appliances from the kitchen. Unplug them and wrap them in plastic. Also, unplug your water filter outlet and move them to a separate room. Food storage should also be in plastic containers because many pests will chew through the thin plastic. Store perishables in the refrigerator or a sealed plastic container, if possible. This will ensure that the pest control company can reach every part of the home without disrupting daily life.

You should also make sure that you clean the areas that are being treated. This will ensure that the technician can perform the treatment more effectively. It will also ensure a better result and decrease the chances of re-infestation. So, before hiring a pest control technician, make sure to clean the house well. This will ensure a less stressful experience and save you money. The technician will be more likely to work better if you prepare the areas for the treatment.

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