Hiring a professional to deal with an infestation can be an expensive proposition. The cost of pest control services can range from $25 to thousands of dollars, depending on the scale of the infestation and the specific services provided. The initial visit typically involves a thorough inspection and assessment of the infestation and can cost from $150 to $300. Depending on the scale of the infestation, regular monthly visits are also necessary and can cost anywhere from $40 to $70 per visit. 

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Although DIY extermination costs less than hiring a pest control professional, the materials required may add up. The cost of hiring a professional may be slightly higher, but you will save money by avoiding the need for repeat treatments. Additionally, the cost of hiring a professional will include the safety equipment and supplies needed to complete the work. Many companies offer discounts if you choose to have your home treated twice a year, while others charge as little as $300. 


When choosing a pest control professional, look for one that offers a guarantee. A guarantee means that you will be satisfied with the work of the company for a certain period of time. The company should be able to provide you with detailed information about the behavior of pests and their impact on your home or business. It should also be willing to discuss different treatment options and methods, which will reduce the risks to your health and the environment. Furthermore, it should be insured and use protective gear. 

A guarantee should be included in your service agreement. Make sure to understand the specifics of the guarantee and whether you can use it. Some pest control companies charge a small fee for their initial inspection, so make sure to understand this fee before you sign a contract. Moreover, you should also be able to receive a written diagnosis of the pest problem and a plan for controlling it. The plan should include details about the pesticide used, the frequency of inspections, and the price of the treatment. The guarantee should also specify the safety of the pesticide used and how precautions should be taken. 


When picking a pest control professional, you should have them perform a thorough inspection of your property. This includes walking around your exterior, crawlspace, and attic to spot problem areas. This will help you choose an effective treatment plan based on the type of pests present. You should look for signs of infestation, such as chewed wood or disturbed areas. 

Having a pest inspection performed before putting your home on the market can have a big impact on the price of your home. If a potential buyer discovers signs of a pest infestation, they may back out of the sale or make a lower offer on the property. The inspector will check walls, roof, and even electrical wiring to ensure there are no pests. 

General liability insurance 

A pest control professional should carry general liability insurance. This type of coverage will cover damages to third parties and injuries to employees. It can also cover expenses for medical expenses and lost wages. If a pest control professional injures someone due to an incident, this insurance will reimburse them for medical costs and legal fees. 

Pest control companies should carry both general liability and auto liability insurance. A pest control professional should also carry care, custody, and control liability insurance, which will protect them from lawsuits that result from improper handling of chemicals. Mishandling chemicals are a potential source of lawsuits and can cause major damage.