How Long After Termite Treatment Is It Safe To Go In-House? 

Termites can cause serious damage to your home, so you will want to make sure to get rid of them as soon as possible. You can get rid of termites in a number of ways, including using tenting and fumigation methods, and chemical treatments. However, it is important to note that some infestations will come back after treatment. Therefore, it is vital to identify the severity of the problem before you decide on a solution. 

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Typically, you will want to hire a professional to remove the termites. Depending on the type of infestation, the process will take between a day and a week. The price for a partial or full treatment will depend on the extent of the infestation and your budget. 

If you use chemical treatments, you will usually be charged according to the linear foot of the area treated. Some companies also offer warranties. They also offer annual inspections and other services. This is a great option for homeowners who want to ensure their homes are in good condition before moving in. 

Usually, it will take about four days for the chemicals to dissipate. During this time, you will need to avoid entering the house. After this period, you can start cleaning and repairing the damage. Afterward, you should wait a minimum of 72 hours before returning to your home. 

If you do not have a professional to treat your termites, you may choose to apply a liquid insecticide that is sprayed into the soil. Depending on the type of soil, this method can be effective. It is important to follow directions and consult a pest control company for any additional information. 

Another option is to tent the area with tarps. For example, if you have dry wood termites, this technique will help to kill them. But it will not stop them from coming back after the termite treatment has been completed. 

If you have subterranean termites, you will need to apply a barrier treatment. A barrier will prevent them from entering your home, but it will not provide complete protection against them. Generally, a barrier can cost $8 to $12 per linear foot. 

Another option is to use a bait system. Usually, this is recommended for larger infestations, such as basements and attics. Bait systems are relatively inexpensive and can be applied in more than one visit. In order to keep these chemicals from dissipating, you will need to have your home inspected on a regular basis. 

Finally, if you are concerned about the environment, you can opt for fumigation. Termites can be killed by fumigants, but they will not be protected from future attacks. Because this process uses heavy chemicals, it can be dangerous. Unless you are sure that all of the fumigants have been eliminated, you will need to stay away from your home for at least a few days. 

Termite fumigation takes about three days and can leave you and your family with some mild side effects. These include chest pain, headaches, and difficulty breathing. Your exterminator will tell you when to return to your home.