How Long Does a Termite Tent Treatment Last? 

A termite tent treatment for the average house will take about three days, but the duration of the process is dependent on the size of the home. If you have an extensive infestation, the treatment may be longer. It will take an additional day to return to the home after the treatment. 

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In the week prior to the treatment, you should remove any edible items from the home. This includes perishable foods, hygiene products, and household plants. If you have pets, you should relocate them to a separate location. You should also remove all potted plants that are located outside your house. 

On the day of the treatment, you will need to open your windows and doors. You should not leave the home for at least 24-72 hours. This is necessary so that the chemical gas can circulate throughout the structure. If you have plants in the home, you should water them in order to keep them from dying during the treatment. You should avoid having any appliances plugged into the electrical outlet as this could cause a fire. 

The tent will be removed by a trained pest management expert. A tent is an area covered by heavy nylon tarps. During the fumigation process, a pesticide called Sulfuryl Fluoride is pumped into the home. This fumigant kills the termites. It is also toxic to fish, humans, and plants. 

Once the tent has been removed, the home should be left uninhabited for at least 24 to 72 hours. This is necessary to allow the gas to dissipate. There is also a possibility that the gas will damage the home. If you want to have a professional deep cleaner, the best option is to hire one. The professional will be able to clean your home thoroughly. 

The treatment will last for four years, but you will need to have yearly inspections to ensure that the termites are not returning. This is especially important if you have dry wood termites. These insects nest in multiple layers of wood, which makes them difficult to treat. Nevertheless, this is a very effective way to get rid of them. 

The Western Exterminator will give you instructions for the fumigation and will provide you with preventative recommendations. They will also clear up any debris that might interfere with the tent. After the treatment is complete, the technician will check to make sure that the property is protected against future termite invasions. 

A tent is not a long-term solution, and the chemicals may need to be repeated after a couple of months. You should expect the treatment to be more effective if it is followed by an annual inspection. If you do not want to have the treatments repeated, you should consider alternative methods of controlling termites. You can use natural substances like orange oil, as well as heat and chemicals. However, these techniques may not be as effective as a termite tent treatment. 

When you are moving into a new house, you should take the time to inspect the building for termites. You should check for any cracks or crevices where the termites may have gotten inside. You should also check for water and moisture buildup around the foundation of the home. If you are concerned about the environment, you should also consider getting a radon test done.