How long does an eco-friendly pest removal service usually take?  

Modern life can be hectic enough without the stress of unexpected pest infestations. With financial and family obligations, it can be difficult to take a step back and assess what needs to be done to get rid of unwanted guests. 

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Luckily, there are eco-friendly pest control services that can help homeowners and business owners get rid of pesky invaders in a safer way. 

While traditional pest control methods may seem like a quick fix, they can do more harm than good for the environment and human health. Caustic chemicals in traditional pesticides can wreak havoc on the air, soil, and local ecosystem. These chemicals can cause everything from skin problems to nerve disorders, blood disorders, and even cancer. 

Even worse, these pesticides can also be ingested by pets and humans. Ingesting even a small amount of toxic pesticide can cause symptoms ranging from rashes and eye irritation to nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. If a person is exposed to pesticides long-term, it can lead to more serious issues such as organ failure and death. 

That is why many people choose to use eco-friendly pest control products. Eco-friendly pest control uses natural, non-toxic solutions that are safe for pets and people to keep insects away from the property. These solutions can be used to kill existing pests or to prevent them from ever entering a home or office. 

Using green pest control methods can also be beneficial for the health of the landscaping on your property. Traditional pesticides can be extremely harmful to grass, bushes, and trees, leaving them shriveled and dead. However, eco-friendly pest control uses natural ingredients that are not harmful to plants and can be used in much smaller doses. 

While a person can purchase green pest control products at most home improvement stores, it is usually best to leave the treatment to the experts. A qualified pest specialist will be able to identify the problem and come up with an effective solution that is safe for the environment, pets, and humans. They will also be able to follow proper safety and application guidelines to ensure that the product is effective. 

In addition to utilizing green pest control treatments, a knowledgeable pest specialist will be able to advise you on the steps that you can take to prevent future infestations. This might include things like removing trash from the property frequently, wiping down counters, and fixing leaky pipes. Keeping food waste out of the yard and in sealed containers is also important since it can attract pests. 

In general, most people will be able to return to their property within 2 – 4 hours after an eco-friendly pest control treatment is applied. Those that cannot return to their home before this time window should open windows and stay outside to allow the spray to settle. It is also a good idea to avoid swatting at pests as this can further disperse the chemicals. If you need further assistance, contact a professional pest control company to schedule an inspection of your property.