How Long Does Chemical Termite Treatment Last? 

Many homeowners are puzzled as to how long chemical termite treatment lasts. Typically, a good treatment will last for several years, although some treatments may be a one-time event. The length of a termite control treatment depends on the type of treatment you are using and your home’s setup. A professional should be able to recommend the most effective course of action based on your situation. 

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Several types of termite control treatments are available, and some are more effective than others. These include baiting, fumigation, and liquid treatments. It’s important to understand which method is most appropriate for your home because each method carries its own set of pros and cons. 

The best termite control method for your home is baiting. This method uses a series of bait stations strategically placed around your property. When a termite is detected, it will ingest the poisonous bait and bring it back to the colony. Bait stations must be maintained throughout the year. In addition, a yearly inspection is recommended, since weather and soil changes can affect the effectiveness of the system. However, a good baiting system should be able to eliminate your termite problem for good. 

Another good termite control method is a physical termite barrier. This is a plastic structure laid out on the foundation of your home against the brickwork. While it’s not foolproof, it’s better than nothing. To get the most bang for your buck, ensure you have an experienced termite specialist do the actual laying. Also, check for any unforeseen obstructions that could interfere with the process. 

Termite baits have been around for a while, but they’ve recently become more effective. They’re a great way to kill termites, but they require a bit of maintenance. You’ll want to ensure the baits are cleaned frequently, so they don’t attract any unwelcome visitors. Likewise, you’ll need to keep them stocked with food every year. 

For the more savvy consumer, a termite control solution that involves a combination of bait and a physical barrier will give you the best of both worlds. Generally, bait and a physical barrier are best used to combat subterranean termites. But in order to make it work, you’ll need to lay down some bifenthrin, a chemical that will repel termites. 

Of all the termite control methods, chemical treatments are probably the most expensive. Depending on the size of your property, you can expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $16 per linear foot. Chemicals can also be a bit toxic to humans, so make sure you have a licensed pest control professional do the job. As for the life expectancy, you’ll probably be happy to know that the average termite treatment lasts five or six years. 

Despite the limitations, termite baiting is a viable option for homeowners looking for a more permanent solution. It can be not easy to decide which method to choose, so if you’re not sure what’s right for your home, ask your professional for help.