How Long Does It Take For Pest Control Treatments To Work? 

How long it takes for pest control treatments to work will vary based on several factors. Firstly, it will depend on the type of pest you are treating as different bugs respond differently to treatment methods. Secondly, it will depend on the severity of the infestation as a small problem will be easier to treat than a large infestation. Thirdly, it will also depend on whether you have taken preventative measures to stop the pests from coming back as these will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the treatment. For example, if you are treating cockroaches, it is important to keep your home as clean as possible in order to avoid them from returning after the spraying process. This means regularly emptying garbage and ensuring that all foods are sealed in containers and not left out on kitchen surfaces. It is also important to clean drains frequently and not leave appliances plugged in as this can provide a source of water for unwanted pests like cockroaches. 

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If you are noticing a lot of pests after a treatment, it is important to not panic as this is normal. Pests will come out of hiding once the spray has been applied and this is why you may see a large number of them around after the treatment. It is also not uncommon for eggs to hatch after treatment which can lead to a large increase in pests being seen after a service. 

It is also important to not do a deep clean of your house after a pest control service has been performed as this can cause the chemicals to be rubbed off before they have had time to take effect. This can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the pest control treatment and should be avoided if possible. 

A general rule of thumb is to allow 2-4 hours for the spray to set in and then to wait 30 minutes with windows open and fans running to help air a treated property out before inhabitants return inside. This is especially important for properties with a termite infestation as the chemical used will need to have adequate time to work on these pests. 

Lastly, it is important to note that not all pests can be completely eradicated with just one treatment and you will likely require multiple treatments in order to get your pest problem under control. This is particularly true of termites as they are a hardy species that can withstand most treatments, even high-powered ones such as liquid insecticides and fumigation. 

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