How Long Does Termite Treatment Last? 

Termite treatment is the process of removing termites from a home. There are different types of treatments such as chemical fumigation, heat treatments, and liquid treatments. The termite treatment will last for several months. In addition to the treatment of termites, homeowners must also keep a clean environment in the home. This includes keeping clutter and other items out of the home so that termite inspectors can do an efficient inspection. 

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Soil treatments, which involve the application of liquid termiticides to the soil, provide fast, reliable termite treatment. These treatments can prevent termites from feeding in your home and last as long as five years. Depending on the type of termiticide and application technique, the termite treatment may last even longer than that. In addition, these treatments require little maintenance, and some companies even provide yearly inspections as part of their service contracts. 

In the past few years, the method of applying termiticides has changed significantly. Instead of focusing on the volume of liquid applied, emphasis has been placed on the thoroughness of application and the limitation of thin zones in the treated barrier. Chemical manufacturers recommended increasing the dilution percentage. Aside from ensuring the thoroughness of the application, these new methods reduce the chance of retreat. 

Liquid treatments 

Liquid treatments for termites can last anywhere from five years to 10 years, depending on what’s used. Bait treatments, by comparison, typically last one year, and require routine maintenance. If you’d like a longer-lasting termite treatment, you should consider a Bait & Trap system. 

Bait and traps can be very effective, but the effects of the treatment may take months to show. Also, the occurrence of new termite activity can affect the effectiveness of a baiting station. Bait stations need to be replaced and maintained. 

Heat treatments 

One of the most common methods of termite treatment is heat treatment. These are quick and effective treatments that can kill termites in a matter of hours. However, these treatments must be done properly. During the process, you should take the time to protect electronics, plants, and other valuable items. Additionally, heat treatments may damage deodorants, corked wine bottles, and other materials. You should make sure to keep these items out of reach before the termite treatment begins. 

Heat treatments for termite treatment use special heaters that heat the structure to about 120 degrees. The heat is meant to kill the termites inside the wood. This method is effective for dry wood termites, but other species of termites, such as Formosan and subterranean, require chemicals.