How Long Is Termite Treatment Good For? 

Termite treatment is important for keeping your home free of termites, but how long does it last? 

The answer to this question depends on the type of termite treatment you choose, as well as how it was applied. Regardless of the type, it is recommended to receive annual inspections to ensure that the treatment remains effective. 

Termite treatment is a proactive step to prevent a termite infestation from occurring in the first place. There are many different types of termite control, including soil treatments, barrier treatments, and baiting stations. 

Soil Treatments 

The most common and effective termite control method is soil treatment. This involves applying a chemical to the ground around your home to create a barrier that termites cannot cross. These treatments are typically required when you first build your home and should be repeated every few years after that. 

It is important to note, however, that it can be difficult to create a complete barrier. That is because termites are relentless in their quest to tunnel through your yard and into your home. This is why it is important to have a professional pest control company create a proper barrier for you. 

A barrier is a series of liquid chemicals that form a shield around your home. When a termite touches this barrier, they die. 

This is a fairly expensive treatment, but it can be very effective at keeping termites from entering your home. It is also a great option for those who want to be environmentally friendly. 

Creating a barrier is hard work, and it can take a lot of time for professional pest control experts to make sure that the entire area has been treated. They need to dig trenches and drill into the soil in order to apply the barrier. 

If you have a termite problem, it is always best to call a professional pest control company as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for a termite inspection. This will allow a professional to diagnose the exact cause of the problem and give you a clear idea of the steps you need to take to get rid of the infestation. 

Once a pest control company has inspected your home, they will be able to recommend the best termite treatment for you. Depending on the severity of the issue, this can be a single treatment or several. 

It is also important to note that if you have a termite problem, your pest control company will likely suggest that you have the issue treated again in the future. This is because termites are persistent and tend to find ways to access their food sources, which can lead to more damage. 

Baiting Stations 

One of the most effective and eco-friendly methods for eliminating termites is baiting stations. Unlike other methods, this one does not require the removal of people and valuables from your property. 

Termite baiting stations need to be maintained and restocked with bait on an annual basis, but once the poison is found, they are highly effective in controlling termite colonies. It may take weeks or months for termites to locate and return the baits to their nests, but once they do it will be a permanent solution to the problem.