How Long to Leave House After Pest Control 

Depending on the type of pest control you are having done, you may have to leave your house for a certain amount of time. This amount of time can range from thirty minutes to several hours. When you are preparing for pest control, make sure to leave your house as clean as possible. This includes cleaning the kitchen, emptying the trash cans, and wiping down surfaces. If you have carpeting, you should vacuum your furniture and under cushions. You should also clean your drains frequently. 

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During pest control, exterminators wear protective masks to prevent breathing in harmful chemicals. You should also make sure to follow the exterminator’s instructions on when to return to your home. This can vary from service to service, but most services recommend a two-to-four-hour wait. 

Waiting for the treatment to dry is important for removing any pesticides left behind. It is also important to make sure your house is ventilated for at least thirty minutes before returning to your home. You should also be careful not to mop any walls or floors that are treated. You should also make sure that you wash your hands and face after touching any treated surfaces. 

If you are allergic to pest control chemicals, you should also stay away from your home for at least three days. Children are especially vulnerable to these chemicals. Babies should also be kept away from the home for at least three to seven days. This is because children’s respiratory systems are more susceptible to the effects of fumes. 

It is important to make sure that your family members are able to breathe properly after the pest control treatment. If you have pets, you should also make sure that they are away from the house. You should also make sure that you clean up any food that may have fallen on the floor. Make sure that your dishes are thoroughly rinsed. 

It is important to keep children out of the house for three to seven days after pest control. Babies are particularly vulnerable to the effects of pest control chemicals. They may develop asthma or learning disabilities if they stay at the home. You should also make sure that you clean your kitchen and throw away any food that is uncovered. This will help prevent pests from returning. 

If you are having a rodent infestation, you may want to remove large pieces of furniture from the corners of your home. You should also clean the kitchen counters, sinks, and dishwasher. You should also vacuum your mattress. This will help prevent bedbugs from taking up residence on your mattress. 

If you are using an aquarium, you should make sure to cover it tightly with plastic. You should also make sure to feed the fish for the duration of the treatment. You should also make sure that the air pump is turned off. You should also check your attic and basement for leaks. If you see any leaks, you should fix them right away.