How Long Will Pest Control Sprayed Last? 

Termites are the worst type of pest because they can cause serious damage to your property, so it’s important that you schedule termite fumigation treatments. These are typically done once every two to four years, but you can also schedule regular inspections to ensure that your home is protected. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: How Long Will Pest Control Sprayed Last? 

A general pest control treatment usually involves the technician spraying high-grade pesticides on your baseboards and exterior walls. These treatments protect your home from a variety of insects, including spiders and beetles. The pests will likely die from the pesticides or they will leave your property. 

The amount of time that pest control is effective depends on the pests and the insecticides used. For example, termites can be resistant to many different types of pesticides, so it’s important that the pest control technician chooses a type of insecticide that will effectively kill them. 

Once the pesticide is sprayed, it can take minutes or hours for the bugs to die from exposure. The speed of the death process is also dependent on how much insecticide the insects pick up from the sprayed surface and whether the insects have enough resistance to the pesticide. 

Bugs are very good at creating babies, and a pest control treatment can help to interrupt their egg cycle. This will prevent new pests from being born in your home. 

Some pests can lay up to 1,000 eggs at a time, so it’s important to treat your home regularly to keep them from getting out of hand. The first treatment should kill off all the live bugs and stop them from laying any more eggs. 

Depending on the size of your home and how large the infestation is, it can take several treatments to fully eradicate the pests. In some cases, the pests may come back within days of treatment, but they should decrease significantly after a couple of weeks. 

If the pests are coming back at a rate that you aren’t comfortable with, ask your pest control professional for more help. They can recommend a combination of pesticides that will work better on your particular home and pests. 

One thing to remember is that pest control isn’t a quick fix and that it will take some time before you notice a difference in the number of pests in your home. A pest control company can provide a free estimate for how long they think it will take to rid your property of pests. 

It is also very important to mop floors after your pest control service has been completed. This helps the pesticides bind to the floor and stay there for longer. 

Another good tip is to avoid cleaning around skirting boards and window tracks for a few weeks after your treatment is complete. This is to allow the perimeter-treated zone to remain intact, which is designed to protect your home for up to 30 to 90 days from any pests that come in contact with it.