How Much Cost Termite Treatment? 

Termite control and prevention are crucial for homeowners. These treatments can cost anywhere from $221 to $916. The national average is $568. But how much should you expect to pay? It’s not just a question of money, but also of the health of your property. Let’s look at some of the factors that go into termite control costs. 

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Chemical treatment 

There are many different ways to get rid of termites, and the cost of termite treatment depends on the type you choose. Most companies charge by linear foot for chemical treatments, and these treatments can cost anywhere from $3 to $16 per linear foot. If you use a bait system, you may need to have more than one treatment, but the cost will be less. 

The price of chemical treatment for termites varies depending on the number of colonies and the size of the home. If the termite infestation is relatively small, such as a few hundred, the cost will be less. However, if the infestation is large, you may need to spend more to get rid of them. 

Termiticide treatment costs vary from company to company, but on average, treatment costs can reach $1,500. The cost also depends on the number of inspections needed and the time it takes to treat an infestation. For example, a full-blown inspection can cost $200 to $300 for a small apartment and $300 to $400 for a larger two-story home. The longer the treatment is, the more it costs. 

Tent fumigation 

Tent fumigation is one of the most effective ways of treating a termite infestation. Usually, tent fumigation requires three days or two nights of preparation. You may need to pack food and pets in sealed plastic bags, trim shrubs, and remove TV antennas from the roof. A tent fumigation treatment may cost between $1500 and $100,000 depending on the size of your home. 

Tent fumigation is the most expensive form of termite treatment because it involves tenting your home and raising its temperature. This method also requires more time and training on your part, but it does eliminate termites and prevent them from causing further damage. The cost of tenting a home can run anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500, depending on the number of linear feet treated. 

The cost of tent fumigation depends on several factors, including the square footage of your home. The cost also varies based on the height of your house. High-rise homes need higher gas pressure to effectively treat them. Additionally, a home with a vaulted ceiling will require more gas than one with flat ceilings. Tenting also does not protect against future infestations, so a termite control company may include preventative treatments in its pricing. 

Termite inspections 

Most Melbourne-area homes are at risk of termite infestation, especially if there are any nearby eucalyptus gum trees. Termites will destroy timber and structural posts, as well as floor coverings, carpets, and furniture. Drywood termites are the most common type, and they build their nests inside walls. They can cause significant damage over a number of years, so annual inspections are necessary. 

The cost of termite inspections varies from $50 to over $280, depending on the size of your home and the service provider. Some companies offer free inspections and estimates. You should also look for a company that offers these inspections before you sell your house. These companies will give you a report of their findings before leaving your property. In addition to identifying infestations, they will also check for other possible sources of moisture. A good inspection will reveal if you need a new termite barrier or an effective termite treatment. 

In many cases, DIY termite treatments don’t work. While they may seem tempting, they’re largely ineffective and will only provide temporary relief. They also waste your time and money. The best way to get rid of termites is to hire a professional. Not only will a professional inspect your home, but they will also give you an estimate for the cost of treatments.