Pest Exterminator: Cost of Service

Professional extermination, in most circumstances, yields quicker and more effective results than do-it-yourself approaches. By spotting pest issues early and getting rid of them quickly, they can also help you avoid future damage and/or expensive infestations.

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Exterminating pests typically costs between $111 and $261, or an average of $176. The extent of the infestation, the frequency of the required treatments, and the type of insect you’re dealing with all affect the cost.

Exterminator Cost Factors

The cost of hiring an exterminator includes a lot of different factors. These are the primary variables that can affect your cost; the following sections provide more information on each variable.

Pest Type

Some pests are more difficult to eradicate and call for more expensive treatment options. In comparison to dealing with more extensive infestations like termites or roaches, you’ll typically pay less for one-time animal removal like removing a bat or raccoon.

Infestation Size

The labor cost will increase if the infestation gets worse because it will take longer to get rid of it. More expensive treatments, like as a fumigation, may be necessary for severe infestations.

Accessibility to the Infestation

It will take more time and effort to deal with an infestation the more difficult it is to access. This will result in more hours being charged to your account and possibly higher costs. If destroying the walls or floors is necessary to access the infestation, additional repair expenditures can be incurred.

Treatment Type 

The cost of treatments varies greatly. The cost of chemical and physical eradication techniques is typically lower than that of whole-home fumigations.

Number of Treatments Needed

Overall, one-time pest control treatments are more expensive since they need more effort from the professional than regular visits do. Some infestations will necessitate additional treatments, which will cost more.

Home Size

Every additional 1,000 square feet beyond 1,500 may result in an additional $25 price from some exterminators. The price may increase with more square footage, but usually not significantly.

Additional Pest Control Prices

Infestations can frequently result in lasting damages, which can add to the cost of cleaning and restoration. When creating your pest management budget, take these costs into account.


After insect removal, a normal home cleanup typically costs between $120 and $240. Deep cleaning the house normally costs between $200 and $400, so you might wish to spend more.

Prices for routine house cleanings, which range from $75 to $250 per weekly visit, are broken down for your review. These can also aid in reducing clutter and food spills, which may draw pests like cockroaches and rodents. For a price estimate, get in touch with a nearby deep cleaning agency or house cleaner.


Unfortunately, areas of your home may sustain collateral damage from $200 to as much as $2,800 when dealing with a bug infestation. You might require flooring replacement, drywall repairs, or the replacement of electrical cables that have been chewed. Depending on the severity of the damage, repair fees will change.

The underlying problems that led to the infestation in the first place may also need to be addressed. For instance, leaking pipes and burst pipes might lead to moisture issues, which can subsequently draw other pests. In order to prevent wildlife from entering your home through the chimney, you might also want to take proactive precautions like buying a chimney cap.

Here are some preliminary costs for potential repairs after a bug infestation:

  • Drywall repair costs: $300–$880

  • Electrical rewiring costs: $560–$2,300

  • Plumbing repair costs: $150–$350

  • Water damage cleanup and restoration prices: $1,240–$5,260

  • Flooring repair costs: $200–$570

  • Insulation replacement costs: $2–$7 per square foot

  • Carpet installation prices: $790–$2,800

Pest Control Treatment Costs

You can pick between physical, chemical, and fumigation approaches while looking at extermination choices. The price ranges for each of these techniques are listed below.


The expense of physically removing animals, beehives, or wasp nests can range from $300 to $700. However, each situation is different. By physically removing or destroying the pest, the professional may be putting themselves in more danger, incurring higher fees.


The price of chemical applications per room might range from $200 to $1,000. These can be used as baits, sprays, or powders. Budget additional expenses for lodging if you have to travel for a few days as part of your therapy.


Costs range from $1 to $4 per square foot to tent a home for fumigation. For instance, it costs around $2,000 to $8,000 to tent a 2,000 square foot home. If you don’t need the tent, you might just spend a portion of that, but it also depends on the kinds of pesticides and pests you’re using, as well as local laws.

Pest Control Costs by Number of Visits

The least expensive option for a typical 1,500 square foot home is a monthly or semi-monthly treatment, costing between $40 and $70, while a quarterly visit might cost between $100 and $300. Due to the fact that a one-time or yearly visit typically entails more labor hours, the cost ranges from $300 to $550.