How Much Does a Termite Treatment Cost? 

A termite treatment is an important step to prevent the infestation of termites in your home. Liquid termiticide can be applied to the foundation of your home to repel termites and prevent them from entering the structure. The cost varies, but can be anywhere from $3 to $16 per linear foot. A single treatment can cost anywhere from $750 to $4,000. It can also be updated yearly for about $200. Termite treatment is not a cheap investment, but it will prevent the termite colony from growing and causing damage. 

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Termite inspection costs 

The cost of termite inspections ranges from $120 to over $2,200 for an entire home. This cost will depend on the size of your house, lawn, and the severity of the infestation. You can also opt to purchase an annual maintenance plan that costs between $175 and $400. 

Termite treatment costs 

The cost of termite treatment varies widely depending on the provider. You can save money by treating the entire house before the termites cause too much damage. However, the more time you wait, the more expensive the treatment will be. 

Termite bond 

A termite bond is a contract between you and a termite control company. It specifies how often you want the company to inspect your property, and whether or not they will treat the termites present. You can choose to have inspections once a year, twice a year, or once every quarter. Termite control companies will differ in price, so make sure you shop around before signing anything. 

Termite pretreatment 

The pre-treatment process is vital for preventing termites from entering the house. The process involves drilling holes at ground level and pouring a chemical emulsion into the holes. This seals off termite entryways. During this process, the pest control expert also treats the wood materials used in the construction. The wood studs and plinth filling are treated, as these are the main targets for termites. 

Termite bond costs 

If you’ve experienced an infestation in the past, a termite bond can help you save a lot of money. The cost of a termite bond can vary, but it is often less expensive than the cost of an extermination treatment. Bonds are often tied to a pest control company and can be transferred from one property to another. 

Drywood termite treatment costs 

Drywood termite treatment costs will vary depending on the amount of damage done to your property and the number of termites. The cost will be based on how many square feet your property is, the location of the termite colony, and the amount of time it will take to get the problem under control. Chemical treatments will cost between three and sixteen dollars per linear foot and may require follow-up visits. Bait systems, on the other hand, will cost between eight and twelve dollars per linear foot. 

Liquid termite treatment costs 

Liquid termite treatment costs can vary depending on the size of the infestation and how much of the property needs to be treated. The type of treatment required depends on the species of termites and the area of the house affected. It is important to understand what the costs will be before you book an appointment. 

Inspection costs 

Inspection costs of termite treatment vary depending on the state where the property is located. Labor costs, fuel costs, and taxes all contribute to the cost of the inspection. Also, different states have different testing standards. A wood-destroying insect inspection report (WDIIR) for a home in South Carolina, for example, costs $150. The report is valid for 30 days and is required for real estate transactions in the state. The cost can be rolled into the closing costs, or paid by the homeowner.