How Much Is Pest Control to Get Rid of Carpenters Ants? 

Getting rid of carpenter ants can be a difficult task. They are not only a nuisance but also can cause damage to your home. They build nests in wooded structures and can also damage the wood around them. This can leave you with a messy mess and thousands of dollars worth of repairs. 

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Before you hire a professional, you should do some research. Ask for references and try to get some information about the experience of the exterminator. It is also a good idea to ask about the methods they use. Some professionals use poison traps, while others use treatment sprays. 

The average cost of carpenter ant extermination is $250 to $500. This varies depending on the size of your property and how many ants you have. A larger property may require more chemicals and employees. It may also take multiple treatments to rid your home of carpenter ants. 

Most exterminating companies offer periodic visits to your home. These visits are meant to prevent re-infestation. In addition, some companies offer year-round protection. These services include a foundation barrier spray that creates an 8-foot barrier around your property’s perimeter. Another treatment, interior baseboard application, is intended to combat subterranean ants. 

The professional you hire should also be insured. Some companies require you to sign an annual contract. This will include initial treatment as well as quarterly follow-up treatments. You may also have to pay a fee for the initial inspection. A carpenter and exterminator should provide a copy of his or her insurance certificate and should explain how the treatment is carried out. 

A professional exterminator will also be able to provide a written diagnosis of your ant infestation. This will help you determine the best method to eliminate the problem. The exterminator should also give you a description of the equipment they use. Some methods, such as baiting, require careful monitoring. Others, such as foggers, require you to leave your home for several hours. The cost of a fogger may include a hotel stay. 

If you have an ant problem, you may be wondering, “How much is pest control?” The price can range from $150 to $1300 depending on the type of exterminator you hire. Most companies offer quarterly or annual contracts. You should choose a company that offers a package that includes periodic visits. 

The most effective method for eradicating carpenter ants is prevention. In addition to checking the roof and siding, you should also make sure that there are no gaps or cracks in the walls of your home. Ants like to nest in damp areas. You should also check your windows, doors, and utility pipes. If there is a leak in your home, you should have it fixed by a licensed plumber. You can also trim your trees regularly. If you notice rotten wood, you might have an infestation. 

Some pest professionals charge by the square foot to treat ant problems. Some offer treatment sprays, which are less expensive than baits, but less effective.