How Much Does Rats Pest Control Cost? 

A monthly contract with a rat exterminator is the best option for a persistent problem. Quarterly contracts are good for periodic infestations because they require a professional to visit the property every three months. If the rat problem is limited, you can opt for an annual contract, which includes an annual space inspection and treatment. Read on to learn more about the various types of contracts available for rat extermination services.

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Glue traps kill rats by starvation 

Glue traps, also called glue boards, are trays coated with a very strong adhesive. When an animal comes in contact with the glue, it becomes stuck, unable to move. Despite repeated attempts to free the animal, it eventually succumbs to starvation and dehydration. This method of rat control is indiscriminate and poses a threat to humans. 

One important point to remember about glue traps is that they do not buy the rodents much time. They are susceptible to predators, and they must be released within 100 yards of the area where the trap was placed. In addition, mice have a very high metabolism, and their bodies can run out of energy in as little as a few hours. Therefore, using glue traps to kill rats is not recommended unless you’re completely committed to humane catch and release. 

Electronic traps lure rats in 

An electronic trap is a type of rat trap that uses electricity to lure the rat in and kill it with an electric shock. These types of traps can kill as many as 50 rats with a single battery. These traps can be very easy to use and they are also very affordable. Generally, these devices are powered by four ‘C’ batteries. Once the rat steps on the metal plate, it is electrocuted and dies within a few seconds. The LED light flashes green when a rat is caught, and red when the battery is low. 

The Victor Electronic Rat Trap uses four “C” batteries and can kill up to 50 rats on one set of batteries. Each set of batteries will last about 20 encounters. For best results, lure the rat into the trap by offering free food. Alternatively, bait the trap with a small amount of peanut butter mixed with bacon bits. If you use snap traps, make sure to give the rats a free meal for a few days before turning it on. 

Steel traps can hurt your pet 

While rat-killing poisons may be effective, they can be harmful to pets, particularly if used in confined areas. Steel traps, in particular, can cause severe pain to your pet if you use too much force to catch it. Steel wool traps are an alternative for rodent control that creates a solid blockage and seals it shut. Steel wool is usually available in medium grade, although the lower grade is too malleable. Medium-grade steel wool is a perfect mix of rigidity and flexibility, and it will be much more effective in killing rats than an open poison station. 

Rat traps can be used indoors or outdoors. They can be positioned with two traps per station. Place them 20 feet apart and along known pathways. Avoid placing traps near pet water bowls. These are also a good choice for outdoor use, but be sure to follow safety precautions. Steel traps can also suffocate your pet, so make sure to buy a rat-proof version.