How Much For Pest Control Ants 

When you’re faced with a pest control ant infestation, it’s important to get an estimate from an exterminator before deciding on a plan of action. A good pest control company will assess the scope of the infestation, your ant type, the method of treatment needed, and other factors to provide you with a detailed estimate. 

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The Cost of Ants 

The cost of ant removal depends on the species, the severity of the infestation, and the length of time it takes to clear the area. Some ants are more stubborn than others and require several treatments before they’re eliminated. Carpenter ants, for example, are known for their tendency to re-enter the same areas they were treated. These ants can chew through wood and damage your home’s structure, especially if it’s old. 

Depending on the extent of the ant infestation, an initial inspection and consultation will typically cost $150. This fee includes a consultation with a pest control expert and a written report of the findings. It also covers the necessary treatments to get rid of the ant problem. 

How Much for Kitchen Ants 

A kitchen infested with ants is a very common problem, particularly in areas where you are likely to spill honey, juice, and other foods. This is because the kitchen provides these insects with the food they need to survive. 

An ant exterminator can help you remove the colony from your house by applying special bait to the nests. This bait is usually poisoned, so it kills the ants. It’s one of the cheapest ways to get rid of these pests. 

How Much for Pharaoh Ants 

The pharaoh ant is another invasive ant species that can be difficult to exterminate. It’s a small pest that travels in multiple colonies, making it very tough to eliminate. 

They are commonly found in the southern United States, between Texas and North Carolina. They are a bit aggressive and can sting if they feel threatened or provoked by someone. 

Getting rid of these pests can cost around $200, but it may be more than that if you have to remove furniture. The size of the room and the availability of a professional worker are also factors. 

How Much for Carpenter Ants 

Termite treatment costs can vary, but Terminix offers a package for ant control that includes field, pavement, and ghost species. The standard and treatment price is $200, but premium treatments are $350. 

How Much for Sugar Species (also known as little black ants) 

A typical homeowner encounters these tiny ants in the kitchen and pantry areas. They mainly feed on sugar and other sweet foods. 

It can be hard to eliminate these ants, but an ant exterminator can help you get them out of your home. It’s recommended to call an exterminator before the infestation worsens, as these ants can spread bacteria and disease. 

Whether you have a single ant issue or a serious infestation, an ant exterminator will be able to handle it quickly and effectively. Using a local pest control service is the best way to ensure the job is done right.