Everything You Should Know About the Price of Pest Control Services

Cans of bug spray may not always be sufficient. It’s time to get professionals to get rid of any bugs, rodents, or typical houseplant pests that are invading your home or garden.

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You can spend anywhere between $50 (for lice removal) and $8,000 on pest control services, with the typical cost being between $200 and $600. (for termite fumigation). Depending on the bug you need to get rid of, the extent of the infestation, and how simple it is to do so, prices might vary greatly.

The price range for pest control services in the country is $200 to $600. This varies depending on the geography as well as the type of bug. Here are some national average prices for pest management.

How much does pest control vary depending on the service?

You could expect to pay between $200 and $600 for the majority of full-service pest control tasks in a 1,500 square foot residence, such as getting rid of wasp or roach infestations. However, the cost of a termite tent and fumigation might reach $8,000.

Both often involve a single visit, but ongoing pest control services also include termite, ant, tick, and flea treatment. Here are the average prices in the United States for both one-time and continuing pest control:

  • One-time service: $300–$550
  • Ongoing service initial visit: $150–$300
  • Monthly pest control visit: $40–$70
  • Quarterly pest control visit: $100–$300
  • Annual pest control visit: $300–$550

By pest type, how much does pest control cost?

Each kind of annoying pest costs a different price since it takes different work and supplies to help you get rid of them. For instance, getting rid of bedbugs might cost up to $5,000, although treating lice can only cost $50. Here are some average pest control prices broken down by animal kind.

  • Cost to exterminate ants: $100–$500
  • Cost to exterminate bed bugs: $300–$5,000
  • Cost to exterminate lice: $50–$200
  • Cost to exterminate cockroaches: $100–$400
  • Cost to exterminate fleas: $75–$400
  • Cost to exterminate rodents: $150–$500
  • Cost to exterminate spiders: $100–$200
  • Cost to exterminate wasps: $100–$1,300
  • Cost of mosquito fogging: $100–$500
  • Cost to remove bats: $200–$650
  • Cost to remove beehives: $0–$1,500
  • Cost to fumigate termites: $2,000–$8,000

What elements affect the price of pest control?

There are no set prices for pest control services. In reality, the neighborhood pest inspection expert would probably visit and provide you with a free estimate after evaluating your property and insect problem. Look at some of the main factors that influence the price you’ll spend for a home that is pest-free.

Type of Pest

The DIY-friendly process of keeping spiders out of your house only takes a few minutes and costs a few dollars. However, if your property has termites or a bed bug infestation, you may end up paying up to $8,000 for a 1,500 square foot home.


It will affect how long the service takes and how much you’ll have to pay depending on how simple it is to reach the problem area. The job of the pest control specialist is rather straightforward if there are a few ant nests in the yard or roaches in the kitchen. However, the task takes longer and is more difficult, therefore it costs more naturally if there are bats in the barn eaves and Batman is nowhere to be found to save the day.

Size of the Infestation

In terms of work and expense, a single wasp nest or a tiny family of rats is very insignificant. However, the cost of the treatment will increase if you have a severe infestation of any kind, including termites, bedbugs, rats, or ticks. Greater infestations necessitate more time, more resources, and frequently more visits, therefore the pest control firm needs a larger payment to cover all of their expenses.

Why Should I Hire a Pest Control Pro Instead of DIY-ing It?

There are numerous factors that make employing a professional the ideal long-term answer to your needs. You should think about the magnitude of the infestation and whether the particular insect might be very harmful to your property and health.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a pro exterminator, have a look at these additional advantages:

  • Controlled pesticide use
  • Efficient solution
  • Fewer cleanups
  • Peace of mind