How Much is the Average Termite Treatment? 

Termite treatment can range from a simple one-time visit to fumigating the entire home. The size of the infestation, the extent of the damage, and the methods used can all contribute to the final price. It’s important to choose a termite control company that offers a warranty for any services you may need. This can lower the cost of any future treatments. 

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A chemical treatment can be a more effective way to rid your home of termites than heat treatment or bait systems. Chemicals kill termites by entering the colony through the wood, which will then die off. However, this method can take a month or more to fully kill the colony. Alternatively, heat tenting is a more affordable alternative to chemical treatment. 

Several methods are available for perimeter application, but the most common are repellants and baits. Using a termite repellant is especially important if you live in a climate where termites are commonly found. You can also consider using orange oil to protect your home. 

Depending on your location, you can expect to pay anywhere from $230 to $2,500 for whole-home termite treatment. Keep in mind that some companies charge per square foot of treated area, and others charge by the linear foot. 

If you’re looking for a termite control service that can help you get rid of your pests for good, you’ll want to find a provider that can offer a warranty. Some providers will offer one to five years of protection against any costs you incur related to the treatment. Other companies will offer a warranty based on the number of visits required, and other factors. 

Bait systems can be a great way to eliminate termites quickly and inexpensively. These types of treatments involve introducing a food source to termites, which are then laced with poison. They’re often used in conjunction with chemical treatments. Termite baits are available in stores. Generally, you’ll need to keep an eye on your bait to ensure that it is being reintroduced by the termites. 

Fumigation is a highly effective termite treatment, but it’s reserved for cases where the infestation is severe or difficult to locate. Toxic gas will kill the colony as it enters the cracks and crevices in your home. Usually, the fumigation service will be provided by a professional. Typically, the cost will run anywhere from $10 to $20 per linear foot of treated area. 

Tenting is a popular termite treatment that requires customers to leave their homes for several days. The process is usually quite costly, though, as it requires an extensive amount of education and time to complete. For a large home, it can take as long as three to five days to apply the chemicals and seal your house. Considering this, it’s probably best to choose a treatment that’s less invasive. 

If you’re looking for specialized termite removal, you might want to consider a company such as Orkin or Terminix. Both companies offer a variety of termite removal services, including bait, chemical, and fumigation.