How Much Should It Cost For Termite Treatment? 

Termites are insects that can cause serious structural damage to homes and structures. These small pests are often difficult to detect and can wreak havoc on a home’s value without homeowners realizing it. However, a professional can identify the type of termites infesting your property and create a treatment plan that will get rid of them for good. 

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Depending on the type of infestation, the cost of termite treatment may vary significantly. For instance, dry wood termites are a type of pest that is more expensive to treat than subterranean termites or damp wood termites. 

The costs for treating a termite infestation will also depend on the severity of the problem. Early stages of a termite infestation can be easily treated with liquid treatments, but larger termite colonies may require more extensive methods such as baiting or heat treatment. 

A single visit is typically enough to address a termite infestation, but some homeowners choose to set up a contract that will include monthly or quarterly visits. The price for a contract will be based on the type of termite control method the company recommends, such as chemical treatments or bait systems. 

Some companies charge for an initial inspection, which can range from $150 to $350 or more. This is usually done to make sure the homeowner has not already been treated for termites, but if the customer signs up for a regular contract, this will be rolled into the cost of the service. 

During an initial inspection, the inspector will look for evidence of termites like wood damage or mud tubes in your walls and the presence of swarmers. They will also check for any traces of termite damage to the foundation and attic of your home. 

When you have a serious termite problem, your exterminator may use a tenting process to kill the pests. This will be a more intensive approach to termite removal, and it can cost $4,200 to $5,700 on average. 

Another more intensive termite control option is to fumigate the entire property using gas. This process will rob the pests of oxygen, which can take a few days to kill them all. 

If your termite problem is severe, the cost of fumigation can be high, but it will eliminate all of them for good. This is a great option when you have valuable items that you’d prefer not to lose during the process or when termites are in a large and complex area of your home. 

Baits are a popular termite control option for more minor infestations, and they can be inexpensive to implement. Depending on the type of bait used and the number of baits needed, you can expect to pay between $40 and $50 per unit or $8 to $12 per linear foot for basic treatments. 

Other more extensive termite treatments, such as heat treatments or tenting, can be more costly but will also eradicate the pests in a more comprehensive way. This will also make sure your home stays pest-free for years to come.