How Often Do You Need Pest Control?

We advise treating your house once every three months or once every six weeks for routinely planned pest control. And with good cause! After a few months, general pest control—including remedies for ants, spiders, rats, roaches, silverfish, earwigs, and fleas—can lose its efficacy, leaving your space vulnerable to new insect invasions.

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No matter what kind of property you have or where it is located, you will be better able to protect your home from pests with quarterly treatments from Shield Pest Defense.

One of our pest techs with field experience will keep an eye on hotspot areas throughout each treatment to look for changes in pest activity. Even if pests aren’t immediately apparent, we will develop environmentally friendly pest control barriers—such as sprayed applications and/or pet-friendly mouse traps—to protect your house all year long from common pests.

Our Termite Protection Plan is a yearly program that will make sure termites don’t get back into your house if you’ve previously dealt with a termite infestation. Our protection plan is a transferable dry wood and subterranean termite warranty that lasts the lifetime of your house and is available to customers whose homes had a full structure treatment or a clean bill-of-wood health from Shield Pest Defense.

Pests of all kinds congregate in Southern California each year. Some pests are more likely to invade your house or place of business depending on the weather since they have a particular mating season or require man-made shelters for food and survival.

Regardless of the bugs that are in season, quarterly pest control services from Shield Pest Defense will assist to keep your house protected because so many pests try to knock down your door all year long. Give us a call right now to talk about customized, yearly pest control plans created for the type and location of your property. The bug stops here when you select Shield Pest Defense!