How Often Should I Do Termite Treatment? 

If you are looking for a way to protect your home from termites, it is important that you ask yourself the question, how often should I do termite treatment? These pests are dangerous and can ruin your property if left untreated. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage and can even eat your home out from under you. However, they are easily treatable. 

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In most cases, a professional pest control company will recommend termite treatment at least once a year. The length of time that treatment lasts depends on the type of termite, the degree of the infestation, and other factors. Some treatments, such as heat treatments, require a lengthy time frame to complete. Other treatments, such as fumigation, can kill the pests but will not prevent them from coming back. A thorough inspection of your home by a pest control specialist can help you to determine if you need reapplication for termite treatment. 

There are many different types of treatments available, including heat treatments, which involve pumping hot air into the home. Fumigation uses houseplants to kill pests. Depending on the size of the infestation, it can take several months to eliminate the colony. 

Termite baits are another option, but they do not work immediately. Baits have to be restocked on a regular basis. You can also purchase products that can keep your home free of termites for up to a decade. 

Termite treatment is an important aspect of any home, especially when you live in a high-risk area. Termite infestations are a major concern and can cost you a lot of money. It is a good idea to have a pest control service come out once a year and do a full inspection. This will allow you to catch an infestation early on and get rid of it before it does too much damage. 

Another important factor is the accessibility of the structure to the pest control professional. Termites can hide in many areas of your home, making it difficult to get rid of them completely. Having a barrier installed every six months helps to keep termites out of your home. During the construction of your home, you may be able to add a chemical barrier to the soil. 

Once you have a chemical barrier in place, you should check your home every six months for new infestations. If you are buying a new home or selling a home, it is important to tell the buyer about your current treatment plan. Buyers will want to know how often the treatment will be reapplied. If your home has been treated, your property can be issued a Section One Clearance, which indicates that it is free of active wood-destroying pests. 

Termite treatment can take a while to dry, so it is best to have your home inspected once a year. Ideally, you will have a termite specialist inspect your home for the first time in the spring or early summer.