How Pest Control Gets Rid of Roaches 

Roaches love fat and grease so be sure to clean up any spills. This includes drip pans under the stove and the backsplash. Likewise, if you have a garbage disposal, clean it as well. Roaches will be less likely to enter the house if you do not have any of these sources of food. 

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Tent fumigation 

Tent fumigation is a common and safe method of extermination, but it does have some disadvantages. While it is an effective method, tent fumigation can also be dangerous to the environment because fumigates are sometimes released into the atmosphere. Before undergoing tent fumigation, you should discuss the risks with a pest control company. 

Baking soda 

Baking soda is a natural insecticide that works well for controlling roaches. It kills roaches by disrupting their nervous system. It is widely available and a good temporary solution. But before applying baking soda to your property, you should know where the roaches are hiding and how to apply it effectively. 


Insecticide resistance in roaches is a hot topic in the pest control industry, but what if you could get rid of roaches with food? In recent years, studies have demonstrated that food can influence their behavior. For example, roaches have evolved a genetic aversion to sugar. When they taste sugar, they bounce back as if they have been hit by an electric shock. That reaction would make them refuse to eat the food. 

Natural methods 

There are several natural methods to get rid of roaches in your home. These include placing plants in your kitchen and near windows and doors. Plants are not toxic to humans or pets and can even spice up your interior decor. Another method is to use borax, an odorless powder that is safe to use. You should remember to keep borax out of the reach of children and pets. You can also sprinkle borax in your kitchen or anywhere roaches congregate. After the roaches are dead, you can sweep the residue with a broom. 

Chemical methods 

There are many chemical methods for getting rid of roaches. Boric acid is a common chemical that is often used for pest control, and it can be extremely effective in killing roaches. Boric acid is not highly toxic but is not recommended for internal use. It is best applied externally and should be applied in a fine layer. This method may take several weeks to get rid of cockroaches, so it’s important to apply it regularly.