How Pest Control Kills Cockroaches in Your House 

Roaches are a common pest, and they can be a real nuisance. They can spread disease and irritate asthma symptoms. 

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They also leave an unpleasant odor, and they can contaminate food and other items in your house. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can kill these bugs before they have a chance to infest your home. 

First, you need to understand why they’re in your house. Cockroaches enter homes in search of food and water, which they need to survive. Once they get inside, they can quickly multiply. 

Besides their dietary needs, cockroaches also need shelter and space to hide. They thrive in warm, humid environments. 

Sealing up entry points around your home is a good way to prevent roach infestations. Look for areas where cockroaches might be entering, such as gaps in walls, doorways, and around window frames, and seal them up as soon as possible. 

Cleaning up food waste and unwashed dishes can also help reduce a cockroach problem. Be sure to wipe down the surfaces where food is prepared and store food in airtight containers. 

You can also use insecticidal sprays to kill cockroaches, but it’s important to choose a good quality, odorless spray. Some sprays contain pyrethroids, which are toxic to cockroaches, so make sure you read the label carefully before administering it. 

Using a bait trap is another effective way to kill cockroaches. These traps work by either trapping the cockroach in a glue trap or by feeding it poison. 

Baits are also a good option to kill cockroaches before they infest your home, as they’ll kill them and their eggs without causing any harm to other animals or plants. They’re particularly useful in kitchens and bathrooms, where they can be placed under refrigerators, cupboards, and other appliances to attract roaches and kill them once they’ve eaten the bait. 

There are many different types of traps, so be sure to find one that’s right for your home. Some are also designed to kill specific kinds of cockroaches, so you can be confident that they’ll keep them at bay. 

Other methods of killing cockroaches include placing boric acid or diatomaceous earth near them, which will dehydrate their exoskeleton and eventually kill them. Boric acid can be applied as a fine layer under kitchen counters, under sinks, behind cabinets, and along crevices in your home. 

Baking soda is another natural way to kill cockroaches that you can apply to the surfaces they typically nest in. When cockroaches ingest the baking soda, it causes them to bloat, which results in their death. 

Essential oils are an inexpensive, fume-free, and environmentally friendly alternative to commercial cockroach killers that you can add to your home’s pest-fighting arsenal. Cypress, tea tree, citronella, and peppermint oils can be mixed with water in a spray bottle to kill cockroaches and repel others. 

Some cockroaches are resistant to certain insecticides, so you may need to combine these methods to get rid of the pests completely. It’s also best to avoid spraying these solutions in areas where children or pets live or play, as it can be a safety hazard.