How to Apply Fuse Termite Treatment 

Fuse termite treatment is an effective tool in controlling termites and other nuisance pests. This unique, non-repellent chemical mix targets the central nervous system of insects, disrupting their ability to resist chemicals. It is available in a concentrate or ready-to-use foam. Both formulations are labeled for subterranean and perimeter pest control. 

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The non-repellent active ingredients include fipronil, which is a strong inhibitor of post-synaptic gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), and imidacloprid, which attacks the nervous systems of insects by nicotine acetylcholine receptors. These two compounds work together to control termites, carpenter ants, and boxelder bugs. 

Fuse is a unique, proprietary combination product. It is an effective, non-repellent tool that can be used for both subterranean and perimeter pest control. When using Fuse for subterranean termites, it is important to remember that it is not approved for post-construction use in Louisana. However, it is an ideal tool for perimeter pest control programs. In fact, it can be applied up to eight times per year. 

For subterranean termite treatment, it is recommended to apply FUSE in a low-pressure spray application. This spray should be sprayed on the wall voids or around the perimeter of a structure. Once the termites have touched the product, they will carry it back to their colony. A single gallon of Fuse can cover up to 1,000 square feet. Use a hand pump or backpack sprayer for applications. Using a foam application can be more convenient for treating structures that are difficult to reach. 

There are several types of FUSE. It is available as a ready-to-use foam or as a dilution concentrate. To ensure that you have the appropriate concentration, the concentrate must be mixed with water. Depending on your needs, a dilution containing 0.3 ounces of product in one gallon of water may be enough for a small area. On the other hand, a concentrated dilution containing 0.6 ounces of product in one gallon can treat a larger area. 

CSI FUSE is a proprietary formula that uses various modes of action to control pests. While it is most effective against subterranean termites, it can be used on other insect infestations as well. The CSI FUSE product is a great solution for both perimeter and residential pest control. 

Fuse Foam is a non-repellent foam that contains the active ingredient, Imidacloprid. It is a ready-to-use, aerosol foam product that expands with a 30:1 expansion ratio. As it expands, it engulfs termite galleries and nests. During this process, it foams into the structural voids of a building, making it easier to reach areas that are difficult to spray. 

Fuse Termiticide & Insecticide provides effective, structural termite protection. It is formulated with 6.6% fipronil, which is a powerful inhibitor of gamma-aminobutyric acids. You can also use this product on above-ground termites, as well as carpenter ants. 

Fuse is a reliable and safe product for residential use. It is a non-repellent insecticide that has a variety of applications, including a crack and crevice spray. Besides termites, it also kills ants, silverfish, and other common household insects.