How to Clean After Termite Treatment 

Termite treatment is important, but it is just as important to clean your home after the treatment is complete. Termites can be stubborn, but the right type of treatment can help eliminate an infestation. The best way to do this is to clean the home thoroughly. 

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There are two main types of termite treatments. The first is called fumigation and involves a gas called sulfuryl fluoride. The gas is toxic to both people and pets, but it is effective in killing pests. This process is done by licensed fumigators. A cylinder of gas is usually stored outside the home. 

The fumigation process is usually very long. It is not advised to leave your home during the fumigation. This is because the chemicals seep into your personal possessions and may cause harm. You should also make sure you do not store items in the basement or near the fumigant area. Rather, you should place them in plastic containers. 

Another option for treating a termite infestation is to use a barrier treatment. A barrier is a barrier that prevents re-entry by current and future pests. The barrier can be used to kill current termites and make it more difficult for them to re-infest your home. 

Having a barrier in place is a good idea, but you will have to clean your home thoroughly after the treatment is over. A barrier can be expensive, and it is also not always effective. 

To properly clean your home after a termite treatment, you will need to remove the tarps covering your home. You should also make sure you empty all trash, especially clogged trash cans. You will want to wash and dry your bedding and wash any open containers. Using box fans is a great way to get rid of the lingering chemical smell. 

The other way to clean after a termite treatment is to remove all dead pests. During the fumigation process, worker termites die off. They are a light color and are only visible when the interior of the wood is exposed. They are also responsible for the upkeep of their nests and tunnels. You can easily pick up these dead bugs with a vacuum cleaner, or you can simply sweep them up and dispose of them outside. 

You can also clean the home with the aid of a vinegar-water solution. This is a great way to clean your home and get rid of termites at the same time. 

Termite tenting is the most common termite fumigation method. A tent is a large rubber tarp that is used to cover the home. You will then have to vacuum and clean the home in a very thorough way. During the tenting process, a lot of fumigants are released into the air, but the odor can be kept under control by opening the windows. 

The tenting process also uses pesticides to get rid of termites. This is especially useful if you have multiple pests in your home.