How to Prepare For Pest Control Spray 

When it comes to pest control spray, preparation is half the battle. Having the right steps in place will ensure that your pest control service is as effective as possible and that the chemicals are properly absorbed into the home. 

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Preparation Tips 

First, you need to get rid of the things that attract these pests and make them more likely to infest your home or workplace. These items can include leftover food, leaks, and standing water. This can help reduce the number of pests that can enter your house and help with any pest control treatment that you have planned. 

Second, you need to remove the pets from the home while a pest control technician is working in it, and make sure any children are looked after and kept away from areas that may be sprayed. This will help prevent any potential re-infestation of pests when the technician leaves the property. 

Third, you need to clean the entire area that the pest control professional is going to work on and keep the air inside your home as free of dust and dirt as possible. This will make it easier for the pest control technician to identify and deal with any lingering pests that are present. 

Fourth, you need to remove any pet or animal waste from the area of treatment and dispose of it outside of your home. This is important because it can contaminate the sprays that will be used and prevent them from being as effective as they could have been if there were no animal or animal waste in the area. 

Fifth, you need to clear any areas of the home that can be used as a hiding place for pests. This includes nooks and crannies in the walls, closets, and other hidden places. You also need to clear out any areas in your yard that can be used as hiding spots for pests, including flower beds and sheds. 

Sixth, you need to clean your kitchen and pantry, as well as any other rooms that a pest control company will be visiting. This will help to ensure that the technicians can properly locate any pests that are present and give them an idea of what they need to spray for in order to have the best results. 

Seventh, you need to prepare your clothes for the pest control company to use while they are working in your home. This will protect your clothes from getting stained and contaminated with any pesticides that are being sprayed. 

Eighth, you need to put all the items in the room that is being sprayed out of reach for the pest control specialist while they are working in the room. This includes all the food, children’s toys, and other personal belongings. 

ninth, you need to make sure that any appliances or furniture that the pest control professionals will be using in the room are plugged into a different power outlet to keep them from being damaged while the spray is being applied. This is especially important for refrigerators and other electrical devices that can be tampered with while the pest control professionals are in the room.